20 Reasons Why Everyone's Crushing on Dean Strang  

Ginny Isaad
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Dean Strang, the bespectacled Wisconsin lawyer with a gift for elocution and a firm grasp on ethics, became the hero of the Netflix docuseries Making a Murderer, garnering a large and passionate fan base. One half of Steven Avery's defense team, along with fellow unwitting heartthrob Jerome (Jerry) Buting, he was the moral compass that restored our faith when the criminal justice system tore it down and public opinion is unwavering when it comes to the appeal of Strang.  

When the directors of Making a Murderer set out to tell Avery's story they inadvertently made a heartthrob out of a lawyer - no easy feat. Throughout the series Strang swooped in with his wings of justice and said what we were all thinking and for that he earned a spot in our hearts. This list includes some of the best quotes from Mr. Strang who proved that getting lawyered could be downright sexy.
He Does What He Knows Is Right, Even When It's Tough

Haters be damned.

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He's Dedicated to Justice

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All He Cares About Is Getting the Job Done

It's not his style, but he isn't afraid to drop mics.
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He Shows Up Prepared to Throw Down

His paperwork is matched only by his collection of ties and argyle socks.

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