Someone Figured Out Exactly Why Dennis Nedry Got Mauled By That Dinosaur In Jurassic Park  

Rebecca High

Why didn't the Dilophosaurus immediately kill Dennis Nedry after spitting black goo at him?  The one and only Commander Apollo answers maybe the biggest question from Jurassic Park in this video.

You remember Dennis, right? He's the greedy computer programmer who tries to smuggle dinosaur DNA out of the park in a Barbasol can.

During a rainy encounter with a Dilophosaurus, Dennis has a momentary standoff with the cloned creature while trying to flee the island. The dino seems to be curious about him; it doesn't seem especially interested in eating him. But, suddenly, it attacks.

This theory gives a pretty compelling explanation of why the dinosaur was almost playful with Dennis before killing him. It turns out that the hood on Dennis's raincoat almost saved his life. Watch the video below to find out exactly how.