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Graveyard Shift
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The Tromp Family Fled Their Farm In 2016, And A Cop Called It 'The Most Bizarre Case' He'd Ever Seen

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In late August of 2016, the Tromp family of Silvan, Australia, abandoned the family berry farm and successful earth-moving business and went off the grid, albeit briefly. The members of the family left their cell phones, passports, and credit cards behind with no explanation or warning that they were leaving town. The family - Mark and Jacoba and their adult children, Riana, Mitchell, and Ella - drove north.

Why did the Tromp family leave behind all their possessions? And why would they put on such a bizarre act with everyone they came across? Even after the family returned home after nearly a week, there were no answers. The media and amateur sleuths have speculated about possible reasons, but the speculation remains just that, and the family's temporary exodus remains an enigma.

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