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Why Do People Fart? Everything You Need to Know

Why do we fart? Sure it's funny, and we know that everyone does it, but where do farts come from exactly? Why do farts stink? Human gas has long been the subject of many jokes, but most people don't full understand the whole process behind it, or the genuinely vital purpose that expelling human gas serves. These are questions that all need answering and we're not going to pass on the opportunity to dive into the subject of why we fart.

If you've ever found that you have a problem with farting, you might have asked yourself why do I keep farting? First of all, don't worry, flatulence is a perfectly normal bodily function, and it takes more than pulling your finger to make it happen. You're probably only wondering "why do I fart so much?" because of your diet, lifestyle, or predisposition to a gassier way of being. But there is a scientific explanation and if you change your behavior you can reduce flatulence. In short, don't stress, we've got you on this one.

So warm up those seats, hopefully not literally, as we look at the causes of farting, what fart foods are, and so much more. We'll even talk about lighting your farts on fire, but do not try it at home!

  • Flatulence Removes Gaseous Waste From Our Body So We Don't Die

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    Gas may just seem like a comedy gold mine, but they're also a vital part of our daily lives. Throughout your day, your stomach, intestines, and colon will begin to fill with various gasses. These gases are waste products from other bodily functions, such as digestion, and they need to get out of us or they can cause cramping, pain, and possibly worse. After all, with enough waste in our body, we can turn septic!

    Burping helps out with the gasses in your stomach, but once it hits the intestines and colon, it comes out as a fart instead. Put simply, it's good for your health to let one rip. 


  • Some Flatulence Comes From Swallowing Air

    So, now that we know why farts form, you might be wondering what causes that gas to build up to the point that it needs to be expelled? There are several reasons that toots can begin to form, and one of the most common ones is simply swallowing air. That can happen if you eat too fast, drink carbonated soda, breathe deeply, or even just sleep.

    The fact of the matter is that you're constantly swallowing air, and when it gets into your stomach and intestines, it needs to come out. Thus, you fart. Flatulence from trapped air tends to be a lot less smelly than other types. 

  • Some Flatulence Comes From Eating

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    This is probably the cause most people associate with stinky gas, and good reason. Most foods have at least some level of carbohydrates, and not all of this can be broken down into liquid and solid waste.

    Undigested carbs pass into the intestine and colon, where they're picked apart by bacteria, such as the healthy kinds of E. Coli. These bacteria produce gas, which fills the intestines and colon and eventually need to be expelled when it builds up too much. In short, almost every time you eat, you've giving your body fuel with which to make toots. 


  • Some Toots Come From Your Blood

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    Even without food, your blood can still create gas that needs to escape your body. Most farts contain some amount of carbon dioxide, which is produced by blood flow, that brings oxygen to bacteria living in various parts of the body.

    The bacteria uses the oxygen brought by flowing blood to different organs to help power them, and then creates waste in the form of carbon dioxide gas, much like we do when we breathe in and breathe out. While toots may be made of all these different factors, there's really only one factor that makes them stink. . .