Why Do People Fart? Everything You Need to Know

Why do we fart? Sure it's funny, and we know that everyone does it, but where do farts come from exactly? Why do farts stink? Human gas has long been the subject of many jokes, but most people don't full understand the whole process behind it, or the genuinely vital purpose that expelling human gas serves. These are questions that all need answering and we're not going to pass on the opportunity to dive into the subject of why we fart.

If you've ever found that you have a problem with farting, you might have asked yourself why do I keep farting? First of all, don't worry, flatulence is a perfectly normal bodily function, and it takes more than pulling your finger to make it happen. You're probably only wondering "why do I fart so much?" because of your diet, lifestyle, or predisposition to a gassier way of being. But there is a scientific explanation and if you change your behavior you can reduce flatulence. In short, don't stress, we've got you on this one.

So warm up those seats, hopefully not literally, as we look at the causes of farting, what fart foods are, and so much more. We'll even talk about lighting your farts on fire, but do not try it at home!