Oscars Why Do People Still Care About The Oscars?  

Louis Patterson
August 8, 2018 335 votes 83 voters 22 items

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In 2018, the Academy Awards (AKA the Oscars) celebrated its 90th anniversary. A lot has changed in America since 1929, and the film industry in particular bears little resemblance to its black and white beginnings. This raises the question: in a world of streaming services and daily vloggers, why do people still care about the Oscars?

Regardless of how you feel about the award ceremony, the Oscars are undeniably a staple of American culture. In 2018, some 26.5 million people tuned in to watch the event, so obviously something is drawing them in.

Some viewers most likely appreciate cinematic artistry, whereas others may want to see celebrities who belong to marginalized demographics win big. Maybe people only watch so they can stay up on all the controversial drama that inevitably occurs year after year. 

But what about you? Why do you think the Oscars are still so important? Vote up the reasons why the public remains captivated. 

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29 1
The art of filmmaking is important and deserves to be celebrated.

25 7
It's a cultural touchstone.

22 5
It's one of the few places where celebs publicly hang out and get silly together.

16 4
It's an excuse to chill out, eat snacks, and party with friends.

18 6
It's fun to place bets with friends about which films will win big.

6 0
The press will make it seem important even if no one really cares.

11 2
The Academy has bad taste, it's validating to see them mess up.

10 2
There's a lot of beautiful fashion on display.

10 3
It allows artists from around the world to gain recognition in the US.

13 6
It's a pleasant escape from real-world drama.

11 8
Watching helps spur water cooler banter.

10 7
With the right host, the whole ceremony is a good time.

5 2
It's a symptom of America's obsession with celebrity.

5 4
It's empowering to see marginalized artists succeed.

9 10
It's a family tradition both adults and children enjoy.

5 6
Anything that involves celebrities is inherently interesting.

4 6
It's fun to watch for the controversies that always seem to arise.

3 5
The Academy helps the film industry all year long, the ceremony is just a nice bonus.

7 10
It’s a positive event in a media landscape dominated by scary or depressing news.

1 5
People look forward to the often big-name musical performances.

1 6
The Academy is becoming more progressive, it's important to witness this zeitgeist moment in history.

1 8
The celebrity interviews are interesting and informative.