Why Does Coke At McDonald's Taste So Different?

If you've ever debated someone over whether or not the Coca-Cola served at McDonald's tastes different than the Coke served at other places, you're not crazy. The Coke at McDonald's actually does have a unique flavor, and some say it's better than canned Coke or Coke from other restaurants.

There's no grand secret behind McDonald's Coke. The restaurant chain has been pretty open about how their process for preparing and serving Coca-Cola differs from their competitors. The real surprise is how much science is involved, and how committed McDonald's is to serving the best Coca-Cola products possible. Every aspect of the soda is heavily regulated by McDonald's in order to ensure a uniform flavor across nearly 38,000 McDonald's locations worldwide.

So why does Coke taste different at McDonald's? Everything matters, from the containers the Coke syrup is transported in to the size of the straw you use to sip it.