VOTE 19 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Uber Driver Absolutely Hates You  

Brian Gilmore
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It really doesn't matter how nice you are, how good you smell, how well you tip (if you even carry around cash), or even how seamlessly your transaction goes; at some point you've had an Uber driver that has absolutely hated your guts. Hey, you're probably not an Uber driver, you don't know their day, and they probably weren't wrong to hate you.

It may start with a tiny mistake as simple as not noticing that the pin dropped on the opposite end of the street, having to hit the "message" button, and telling someone who most likely only speaks partial English (or is reading your text while actively driving) to do something that is most likely inconvenient. Unless you're at the beginning of a romantic comedy, where you're both of perfect compatibility and one of you acts adorably clumsy, starting out with a f*ck up is a horrible way to start any kind of relationship. Thought it may be a temporary one, it's a relationship with money involved. Listen, you're not going to make friends with your Uber driver. You're going to be like airplane acquaintances, only they also have to drive the plane while listening to how you're new to the city and just sold your car because it's "actually cheaper" to take Uber (it is, by the way, if you do it right). 

So try and avoid doing any of this to a fellow human being who is just trying to do their job, probably has at least a few other jobs, and is driving you somewhere while you fart around pretending to be Bruce Wayne in your head when really you're either just too drunk or don't have a car. Not owning a car doesn't make you Batman, so be nice to your Uber drivers.

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You're Carrying A Bag Of Food That Will Putrefy Their Car

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You Smell Like The Cigarette You Just Smoked

19 5
You Get Their Car-Seat Wet And It's Not Raining

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When They Show Up And You're On The Other Side Of The Street

16 6
They Literally Don't Say A Word To You Except Your Name The Entire Ride

18 8
Silence + Turn Signal + Long, Drawn-Out Sigh

22 12
They Park Like 10 yards Away From Where You’re Standing And Don’t Bother to Drive Forward

19 10
They Slightly Turn Up The Music Once You Get Inside

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They Park 10 Yards Away From You And Make No Attempt To Come Any Closer

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They Don't Answer Your Question "How Was Your Day?"

13 9
You Notice The Front Passenger Seat Is Scooted All-The-Way Up

12 8
They Take A Phone-Call Without Bothering To Ask If You Care

15 12
You Are Still Wearing Headphones After Repeated Attempts To Speak To You

12 9
When They Drop You Off And Start Driving Away Before You've Completely Closed The Door

8 5
They Answer Questions With A Single Syllable

11 9
They Don't Speak, But Make A Ton Of Eye-Contact

10 8
If You Fart At All (They Know)

10 9
Their Car Smells Like Cigarettes, Meaning You're In The Way Of Their Next One

8 8
Their Car Smells Like A Bag Of Jack In The Box Came To Life And Passed Gas, And They Can Tell You Care