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11 Good Arguments For Why Dragon Ball Super Is Better Than DBZ

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Dragon Ball Z is arguably one of the best anime of all time. A whole generation enjoyed the thrilling fights and drama of the series. Now, fans get to revisit old friends and see new battles on Dragon Ball Super. Ever since the new series came out, new Dragon Ball Super vs. Dragon Ball Z arguments have been discussed among hardcore fans. Many agree that you can equally enjoy both Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z. However, Dragon Ball Super is better. 

"Blasphemy!" Hold on - no need to get your knickers all twisted. There are real reasons here, and by no means is Dragon Ball Z anything short of a great show. However, there are many arguments why Dragon Ball Super is better than Dragon Ball Z. The bigger stakes, the new characters, and several other factors make this show a worthy successor to the long time favorite. Read on to see what makes Super superior to Z and vote up the reasons you strongly agree with. 

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    Expanded Universe(s)

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    DBZ had its characters travel from Earth to space, and even to the afterlife, yet DBS has so much more. With the inclusion of a multiverse, defending Earth seems small compared to fighting enemies from beyond your own universe. It also allows Akira Toriyama to create some new Saiyans, doppelgängers from parallel universes, and other possible stories that didn't previously exist in DBZ.

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    Universal Tournament > World Tournament

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    What's better than a tournament that pits the best fighters in the world against each other? A tournament where the best fighters in the universe are challenging each one another. What's better than declaring yourself the best fighter in the world? Being the best fighter in the multiverse so your universe is spared from being obliterated by petty gods. Checkmate.

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    Team Universe 7

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    While Dragon Ball Z featured former foes such as Vegeta and Piccolo teaming up with Goku and his friends to defend Earth, this "team of rivals" concept is much bigger in Super. From the fandom's collected knowledge of conflicts in the DBZ series, it is hard to fathom seeing the Z Fighters team up with the Androids to defend the universe. Imagine how crazy it is to see Frieza join the team! This strange bedfellows scenario in Super dwarfs any of the unlikely alliances built in DBZ

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    X10 Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Combines Beauty And Destruction

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    Look upon this immensely colorful and powerful form. Get ready for hyper-speed violence because that's what this form will bring. It's arguably Goku's most powerful form - more potent than the power he displayed on DBZ. It even took down the formidable Hit as everyone else looked at Goku in awe.

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