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All The Ways Eating Meat Is Slowly Destroying Us

Being a vegetarian can be difficult, often because of the social aspect of such a decision. Some of your more carnivorous friends (or you, if you're the carnivore among us) might try to debate you on why eating meat is bad, or if the environmental impact of eating meat is as serious as some people claim. While eating meat is a universally accepted norm, it turns out meat-obsessed culture is actually doing irreparable harm to our bodies and our planet.

Part of the problem is just the extreme ways in which modern farming has evolved. Pollution, pesticides, and the tools that go into mass producing meat for an explosive population that is obsessed with meat has caused a lot of negative byproducts not only in the product itself but on the environment in which it's raised. 

The science is in, and it's not looking good for the steak lovers of the world. It turns out that eating meat isn't good for the environment or the human body, and there's plenty of reasons why. Industrial farming and poor eating habits are contributing to a host of problems all around the world. If you needed any more reasons to not eat meat, these are some the debilitating effects from the excessive cultivation of meat that could potentially destroy us all.