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Why Everyone Hates Joel Osteen, The Televangelist Who Locked Hurricaine Victims Out Of His Church

Updated 24 Mar 2019 33.4k views11 items

Joel Osteen is a controversial figure. The megachurch pastor is just one in a long line of televangelists who seem more devoted to accumulating wealth than helping humanity. In light of his actions, which seem to directly contradict Christian teachings, more and more people are recognizing that Osteen really only values one soul: his own.

Osteen's greed is seemingly boundless. His audience might be, too. His self-titled television show, broadcast from the Joel Osteen megachurch in Houston, Texas, is seen by over 7 million viewers weekly and over 20 million monthly in more than 100 countries. It remains to be seen if his ardent following is deterred by the fire he's come under for his actions in times of crisis. But his response to Hurricane Harvey is just one example of the sketchy behavior and repugnant morality that Osteen has cultivated.

For those asking, "Why does everyone hate Joel Osteen?" the answer is really quite simple: Joel Osteen is a jerk.

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