Weird Nature Flat-Earthers Reveal The "Evidence" That Convinced Them Of Something Patently Silly  

Bailey Benningfield
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Flat-Earthers are having a moment, especially online. Popularized by celebrities like Tila Tequila and B.o.B, the conspiracy theory purports that the earth isn't actually a sphere, but rather a flat plane surrounded by an ice wall that holds in the ocean. Against centuries of scientific research and just plain ol' reason, there are a growing number of adherents to this theory, and they have taken to the Internet to express their supposed evidence.

Flat-Earthers of Reddit explained why they believe that the Earth is flat, and they did not disappoint. From backyard experiments to discounting the theory of gravity in its entirety, Flat Earth believers have some very interesting and very scientifically incorrect explanations as to why they think the Earth is not a sphere.

Kansas Is Flat, So The Entire Earth Must Be, Too

From formulated:

"I'd start with the salt plains of Bolivia. Why it is possible to see land masses on the other side of the plain when they should be hidden by the curvature of the Earth? There's also the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia and Lake Baikal in Siberia. A university study found that Kansas is flatter than a pancake."

Archimedes's Principle Is For Suckers

From 8mark:

"On a balance scale, the side that comes down carries the heavier object. It moved down because it was heavier. No gravity required.

"If gravity causes things to come down, helium balloons and vapor would not float up."

We're Ants, And The Sun Is A Giant Spotlight

From styleofthrones, when asked to explain darkness:

"If you walk around in a dark field holding a lamp or a bulb you see a spotlight on the ground, but the rest of the ground is dark. If you walk in a circle and an ant is looking at the lamp, it will be like the sun."

Geography Is Confusing

From Sideshow2525:

"Once you start to look into it deeply it's all very hard to interpret. There's evidence for either/or, and it will never be fully explained. The main thing that always gets me is trying to understand exactly where Antarctica is."