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14 Reasons Why Gambit Is Actually Terrible No Matter How Much You Love Him

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Let's be honest: when you were younger, Gambit was cool. He's great with a bo staff, has explosive superpowers, and a swagger that girls love and guys want to emulate. Then you turned 15 years old and realized that Gambit is the worst. The dirt worst.

Seriously, while there are some redeeming qualities, you can't deny the reasons why Gambit kind of sucks. Whether it's due to being a relic of the '90s or being poorly written, it's no surprise that so many comic book fans have turned on the character or don't understand his appeal. Gambit, just... just no. Try as he might, Gambit won't find himself at the top of a list of the baddest X-Men of all time any time soon. 

Keep reading below to see why Gambit is one of the worst X-Men ever. Even worse than Maggot.

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    "BANG... You Dead!"

    Photo: Marvel

    Remember Gambit's classic catchphrase, "BANG... You dead!"? I didn't think so either. Not only did his "trademark" catchphrase not catch on, but it's embarrassing. If your catchphrase conjures up memories of playing cops 'n' robbers when you were five years old, then your catchphrase sucks.

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    He Willingly Became Apocalypse's Slave

    Photo: Marvel

    OK, the guy meant well, but Gambit is still a stupid fool here. In order to keep Apocalypse in check while helping out the mutant race, Gambit willingly takes on the role of Death in Apocalypse's group of Four Horsemen in X-Men #182-#187. While he agrees to become a herald of Apocalypse out of love for the X-Men, Gambit must have forgot all the other times he fought Apocalypse's Horsemen or he'd know that brainwashing was a part of the process. At least he's a well-intentioned idiot.

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    His Goofy Magenta and Black Jumpsuit

    Look at this image. Look at it. Aside from the horrific color scheme, how the hell does he get into this one-piece unitard? Does he step into the suit like a pair of pants through the headband hole? Apparently only his middle finger and ring fingers get cold, too. It's no wonder that Gambit covered this magenta monstrosity with a trench coat.

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    His Phonetically-Spelled Cajun Accent

    Photo: Marvel

    Nothing against Cajun or New Orleans culture, but even the people who live there think it's a pain in the ass when some writer decides to lay Gambit's thick Cajun accent onto the page. People don't read speech the same way as they speak it. This little flair to Gambit's dialogue doesn't add to the story or his character. If anything, it breaks up the flow of the story and distracts the reader since they have to slow down to try to make sense of it all.

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