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Why Goku Is The Single Worst Part Of ‘Dragon Ball Z’

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Dragon Ball Z, which originally aired from 1989-1996 in Japan, is a true pop culture phenomenon in a way that the original series (Dragon Ball) and the two sequel series (Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super) are not. The show spawned seas of merchandise, countless video game adaptations, and legions of fans across the globe. All of this hinges on the series' protagonist, Goku - or Son Goku, to be precise.

One would be forgiven for thinking Goku was a hero in the traditional sense of the word, and in many ways he is. The Saiyan is pure of heart, with genuine resilience to boot. The show wouldn't be what it is without him, and yet - Goku is kind of the worst. He constantly makes selfish decisions based on his infatuation - or dependence - on fighting, he's something of a dunce throughout the show, he's a negligent husband, and it cannot be denied that Goku is a bad father.

Everybody loves Goku, yes, but he is just terrible. Here are some of the many reasons why Goku is the worst.

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    He Gives Cell A Senzu Bean Before The Villain Fights Gohan

    During the Cell Saga, Goku decides it's a good idea to give the most dangerous person on the planet a Senzu Bean - an item that essentially acts as a healing potion for whoever uses it. When Krillin rightly lambasts Goku for gifting Cell with such an outrageous boon, Goku's stupidity shines for all to see. "Hey take it easy," he replies. "Cell's used up a lot of his energy. It's only fair to let him fight Gohan at full strength, don't you think?"

    Even Cell himself can't believe Goku would do something so dumb. "Incredible," Cell states. "With everything at stake, you still can't help but be a slave to your better nature. Sickening."

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      He Is A Terrible Husband

      As poor of a father as Goku is, it is arguable that he is an even worse husband. Chi-Chi is never informed of any of the goings-on in the Dragon Ball Z universe, and essentially lives the life of a single mother to Gohan and Goten for many years.

      At one point in the series, Goku forgets his own strength while arguing with his wife and smacks her on the back so hard she flies through a tree.

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        He Is A Terrible Parent

        Outside of being - generally speaking - a complete moron, Son Goku seems to have little to no idea on how to be a good father to his children. As if putting his kids in constant danger wasn't enough, he also places the fate of the entire world in the hands of his teenaged son Gohan during the Cell Saga.

        For a while, Goku doesn't even know he has a second son (Goten). Instead, he decides to blissfully fight away his days in the afterlife, never checking up on what his family has been up to on Earth. The "Father of the Year" award will certainly never grace his mantle.

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          He Almost Perishes From A Heart Virus Due To His Stupidity

          When a time-traveling teen with purple hair comes from the future to give you medicine in order to stop you from perishing from a heart virus, you should probably remember to take that medicine, right? Not if you're Goku.

          Yes, Trunks - the future child of Vegeta and Bulma - comes back in time from a post-apocalyptic future to try and prevent the dramatic events of the Android Saga. This, however, would be pretty anticlimactic, so Goku just happens to forget to take the pills, delaying his entry into the fight and giving the audience some more juicy fight scenes in the process. It is a pretty incredible act of idiocy on Goku's part, though.

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