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Reasons Guys Go after Quiet (but Not Shy) Girls

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Quiet but strong, quiet but complicated, quiet but passionate - all traits of powerful women (not women who are afraid to speak their minds). Just because a girl is quiet doesn't mean she doesn't have opinions, and it doesn't mean she won't fight to the death for you. It's our theory that quiet but not shy girls are some of the best types of girls. Here are a few reasons why. 
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    Under her quiet exterior is a strong and passionate personality

    A quiet exterior is merely an admirable cover for a complex and beautiful interior. Passionate personalities, strong sincerity - these are the kind of traits that are below that soft-spoken surface. A quiet girl is who she is because she can tune out the noise and not contribute any noise herself.
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    She absorbs and listens

    Rather than just blurting something out at random and without consideration, a quiet girl actually absorbs what she's hearing. She is listening to you, she is listening to her surroundings, and above all, she is listening to herself. 
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    She doesn't try to make it all about her

    One unattractive quality in a girl, or any human being on planet earth, is someone who hogs the spotlight. You know these people in your social circles: it's always about them, it's never about you, and it's never about the group. But a quiet girl doesn't need the boost to her ego to draw all of the attention out of the room or emotionally drain the people around her.

    Self-centeredness can often result in over-talking, which is hardly attractive to guys who are looking for someone to spend their time (let alone their lives) with.

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    She's not awkward when it comes to awkward silences

    Silences aren't awkward - you just make it that way. Silence doesn't faze a quiet girl - and she doesn't need to fill the void with meaningless dialog like life is some crappy rom-com. 
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