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Why 'Infinity War' Is The Weakest Avengers Movie

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SPOILER WARNING: this list takes a deep dive into some of Infinity War's most ill-advised details. Proceed with caution. 

By now, you’ve had time to digest Avengers: Infinity War, so you've probably realized it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. After a long string of successes, Marvel was bound to slip up at some point, and unfortunately, Infinity War doesn't live up to its predecessors. The reason why Infinity War is the weakest Avengers movie cannot be reduced to a single moment, as it's a big, big film.

A few critics who caught the film's midnight premiere left the theater exhausted and filled with Infinity War critiques,. A lot of people are left with unanswered questions about Infinity War, and judging by th plot holes, creators are seemingly okay with leaving things unexplained. While it can be fun to turn your brain off and watch actors smash CGI aliens, once you try to make sense of what's happening on-screen, you might agree that Infinity War missed the marka bit.