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Fort Knox Is So Mysterious And Heavily Guarded, Only One US President Has Ever Been Inside

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Located in Kentucky, Fort Knox is a United States Army base which houses most of the US's gold reserves. One of the most secure and inaccessible places in the world, the facility once held the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. 

Only one president has ever been inside - and the US Mint remains largely mum on the contents of the vault - making Fort Knox a hotbed for conspiracy theories. Many question the amount of gold that supposedly exists in the vault, and wonder what else hides within the building's walls. So, what's really inside Fort Knox? The public may never know.

  • Some Pretty Crazy Conspiracy Theories Exist About Fort Knox

    Because there remains so little information about the contents of the gold vault, a lot of theories crop up regarding what's really inside Fort Knox. Many conspiracy theorists - like the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) - believe the gold doesn't really exist, there isn't as much as the government claims, or the government has sold it off for years. Others claim the gold is actually just tungsten bricks painted to look like the precious metal. 

    But theories exist regarding other possible contents of the vault - like the body of Jimmy Hoffa. Of course, strange things have been stored in the vault, like morphine and opium during the early '90s. 

  • Very Few People Have Seen The Gold At Fort Knox

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    In August 2017, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin visited the gold vault at Fort Knox and, along with a few other politicians, surveyed the site. Kentucky congressman Brett Guthrie also made the trip, and issued the following statement:

    It was an honor to join Secretary Mnuchin, Governor Bevin, and Senator McConnell to visit the depository yesterday - the first time visitors have been allowed at the facility since members of Congress inspected the depository in 1974... I am glad to report that everything at the depository looked to be secure and in order.

    The last Congressional visit prior to this occurred in 1974. To date, only one US president has been inside the vault - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who served as president when the US Bullion Depository within Fort Knox was established. 

  • Photo: BullionVault / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    The Government Won't Show The Public How Much Gold Is In Fort Knox

    Despite continued inquiries, the US Mint refuses to offer up proof of the exact amount of gold held at Fort Knox. Few people have ever entered the vault, and while 147.3 million ounces of gold allegedly exists inside, the accuracy remains in doubt.

    In 2008, presidential candidate Ron Paul unsuccessfully called for an audit of the US Federal Reserve and Fort Knox, but his skepticism echoed that of other conspiracy theorists. 

  • Guns, Mines, Cameras, And 100,000 Acres Of Land Surround The Fort

    To access the gold vault at Fort Knox, you'd need to make your way through a network of security measures.

    Fort Knox sits on over 100,000 acres and houses 30,000 military personnel. On the way to the vault, a literal mine field and an electric fence protect the gold. The facility also features video cameras, motion detectors, and secret microphones, all set to pick up the presence of anyone or anything that doesn't belong. Plus, US Mint Police remain a constant presence, and preside over the grounds from four machine gun towers placed around the perimeter.