11 Reasons Why The Legend Of Korra Deserves More Respect

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The Legend of Korra followed one of the most celebrated cartoons of all time: Avatar: The Last Airbender. But viewers often compare TLOK to its predecessor, citing issues with its plotline and main character. Yeah, TLOK is much different from Aang's story; however, it still deserves much more respect than it gets.


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    Introduces Complex, Interesting Villains

    All four seasons of TLOK provide different types of villains. Amon, Tarlock, Zaheer, and Kuvira each have different personalities and complex backstories that help viewers understand their perspectives. Though they are all antagonists to our Avatar, these villains all have something interesting to say.

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    Explores The Voice Of Non-Benders

    In the first season, Korra faces the threat of non-benders. Formidable foes in the ATLA series, they are now the primary villain. And not only must Team Avatar find a way to physically fight the leaders, they must also fight the social uprising that follows. Korra must learn to become a hero to the underestimated and overlooked.

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    Tackles Deeper Themes Of Trauma And PTSD

    Many shows with characters who must save the world skip out on themes of mental health. However, The Legend of Korra approaches these concepts head on. When Korra barely returns from lethal fights, she learns how to deal with trauma and PTSD along with her physical wounds.

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    Widens The Breadth Of Bending

    Bloodbending, metalbending, and combustion bending are all further explored beyond the storyline of ATLA. The introduction of a new style of bending (lavabending) as well as the expansion of other types shows the progress that years can have on old, traditional bending techniques.