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11 Reasons Why The Legend Of Korra Deserves More Respect

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The Legend of Korra followed one of the most celebrated cartoons of all time: Avatar: The Last Airbender. But viewers often compare TLOK to its predecessor, citing issues with its plotline and main character. Yeah, TLOK is much different from Aang's story; however, it still deserves much more respect than it gets.

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    Brought Back Airbending In A Complex Way

    TLOK gracefully reintroduced airbending back into the storyline. And by bringing together different types of people from all over the world, the Air Nation stands to be one of the most diverse nations. And it's pretty awesome watching Tenzin prove how much of an airbending master he truly is.

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    Expanded The World Of Spirits

    By explaining the story of the first avatar, TLOK adds to the rich history that ATLA created. Once Korra welcomes spirits back, the world must deal with their own ideas of peace and grapple with how to realistically achieve a future of unity.

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    Confronts The Failures And Weaknesses Of Its Main Character

    It is no secret that Korra is flawed. Viewers have expressed their frustrations of Korra's immaturity compared to Avatar Aang's peaceful demeanor. However, it is the show's willingness to showcase these flaws that allows viewers to see their own weaknesses inside Korra and identity deeper with the hero. Her recklessness and brash decision-making make her bravery, vulnerability, and persistence even more poignant.

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    Dives Into Social Themes Of Industrialization And Politics

    Years have passed since Aang, and the Industrial Revolution has taken its form in this world. However perfect this treaty of nations seemed, Republic City becomes a hotbed of political corruption as leaders fight for power. These themes contest the idea that harmony can be achieved with idealistic visions and friendship.

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