'Little Monsters' Was A Creepy Fever Dream Disguised As A Children's Film

The 1989 film Little Monsters is about a kid named Brian who befriends Maurice, the monster who lives under his bed. The pair pranks Brian's classmates and gets revenge on the school bully. Everything isn't fun and games, though. There are plenty of disturbing moments in Little Monsters, hardly making it the family film it claims to be.

Though the movie is similar in concept to Monsters, Inc., Little Monsters is undeniably one of the scariest selections in children's cinema. From the innuendos to the dark references to abuse, this fever dream of a film isn't easy to watch. 

  • Brian Tries To Off Maurice

    Almost immediately after encountering Maurice, Brian gets over his fear and discovers the monsters' susceptibility to light. The boy traps the unwelcome visitor in his room, making it impossible for Maurice to escape the daylight as morning approaches. Brian believes the sun is harming the monster, but he doesn't help.

    Instead, the vindictive protagonist watches as the monster melts away and apparently passes.

  • One Scene Alludes To Something Potentially Nefarious 

    In one of Little Monsters' creepiest scenes, Boy's henchman, Snik, menacingly approaches a young boy named Arnold, causing everyone else to flee. He berates the child for not completing a favor Boy asked of him. When Arnold protests, claiming he did his best on the mysterious task, Snik argues he "didn’t try hard enough." The monster suggests Arnold should take Boy's attention "as a compliment."

    The youngster says he couldn't finish the favor, though, because his knees hurt.

  • The Monsters Are A Bad Influence On Brian

    As soon as Maurice and Brian become friends, the youngster enters into a world of sin. Under the monster's instruction, the once-innocent youth breaks into homes, pranks unsuspecting people, and tampers with property he doesn't own.

    The pair causes some expensive damage during a days-long vandalism spree.

  • The Monsters Even Go After Babies

    The monsters don't just play pranks on children; they even target babies. Maurice demonstrates this when he takes Brian and a group of other monsters to a sleeping newborn's room. The creature from under the bed just wants to terrify the innocent infant.

    Brian objects to scaring a baby, but his monster pals have no such moral compulsion.