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15 Reasons You'd Actually Want To Live In Sunnydale

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Ah, Sunnydale, where the weather's always hot because of the town's proximity to the mouth of Hell. This California town from Buffy the Vampire Slayer may be rife with vampires, demons, and werewolves but there are actually a ton of reasons you'd want to live in Sunnydale. Life on the Hellmouth might not be all peaches and cream, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't stake your claim on some prime real estate. 

Sure, constant invasions at the hands of hell-beasts isn't ideal, but there are so many reasons why Sunnydale is a cool town. For every downside, there are plenty of pros to make you see the sunny side of living in Sunnydale. There's a reason this town is considered one of the best small towns in televison history. If you're thinking of making the move to Buffy the Vampire Slayer's home town, there are more than enough reasons to convince you. 

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    Real Estate Would Be Hella Affordable

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    Living near a Hellmouth would mean a serious slashing on home prices. People keep moving away or dying, so the property values must be insane. There's just way too much supply for the demand. And, really, can you put a price on a two-story home in Southern California with a basement? As long as you're not squeamish about vampires knocking on your door demanding you invite them in, you're looking at the chance to own a home before you turn 35. That's unheard of for most Millennials. What's the odd brush with the undead against being a home owner? 

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    That Library Tho...

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    The libraries from Beauty and the Beast and Hogwarts are magnificent, and are rightly revered for their splendor. Sunnydale High's library, however, really doesn't get enough credit. It contains a seemingly endless collection of books on occult subject matter. That's how you know their Dewey Decimal System goes deep.

    You're going to find a hell of a lot more than a battered history textbook in this literary palace. 

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    Everyone Is Drop Dead Gorgeous

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    Sunnydale is packed to the gills with gorgeous people. When nerdy Willow, the geek deemed too plain to be noticed be her fellow social outcast and best friend, Xander, looks like Alyson Hannigan, you know you're going to be surrounded by eye candy.  

    Come to Sunnydale and be somethered by beautiful people. That should be the town motto. Also, you can be one too! Running from vampires and fighting demons will keep your body banging. There's no better workout than one fueled by fear of the undead. 

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    Their '90s Internet Was More Powerful Than Our Internet Now

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    Anyone who used a dial-up Internet connection in the '90s will remember the delay was excruciating. Waiting for an image to load as it slowly revealed itself required the patience of a saint. Not so in Sunnydale, however. Willow was able to search for in depth demon info at the drop of a hat, and that's the type of information you would expect to be relegated to the far corners of the dark web. So if the Internet was that speedy back in the '90s, imagine how fast it would be today. Silicon Valley, eat your heart out. In the Buffyverse, Sunnydale is the tech capital of the world. 

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