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‘Midsommar’ Is A Phantasmagoric Nightmare Of A Horror Movie

Updated 16 Jul 2019 8.4k views12 items

About once a year, a movie comes out that’s “too scary to watch” - a film that claims to send audiences packing while piling on the horror. These claims are generally exaggerated, but the 2019 film Midsommar truly delivers on its upsetting promises. The second film from director Ari Aster, whose first offering was the unnerving Hereditary, Midsommar delivers on gore and pushes the audience to question their own place in the world.

From gruesome rituals to hallucinogenic trips - all set against a bright, cheery backdrop - Midsommar provides an especially brutal theatrical experience. This breakdown of the film's most unsettling scenes contains plenty of spoilers and delves into the psychological tricks that make Midsommar so scary.

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