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11 Facts That Prove Milla Jovovich Is Just As Much Of A Rogue As The Characters She Plays

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Movie stars aren't always as cool as the characters they play, so it's refreshing when your favorite action hero is a real force of nature. Milla Jovovich is one such individual: a martial arts-trained model and actress who plays by her own rules. It's not hard to see why Jovovich rules, as this Ukrainian-born starlet lives up to the larger-than-life persona showcased in her films.

Whether it's extreme stunts, political activism, or recording music, it seems there's nothing Jovovich can't do. Her will, determination, and strength in the face of hardship should be an inspiration to hopeful action stars in search of a role model. 

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    She Wrote And Recorded A Full Studio Album At Age 16

    Jovovich has had moderate success as a musician and songwriter. In 1994, she released her debut album, The Divine Comedy. Variety praised the 11-song album for its “cleverly arranged, European-flavored folk songs and well-produced quality vocals."

    Since the early 2000s, Jovovich's musical releases have been sparse. Her last single, "Electric Sky," was released in 2012. However, she reportedly still plays guitar to relax.

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    She Practices Martial Arts And Meditation

    Jovovich has years of martial arts study under her belt. In preparation for Ultraviolet, Jovovich trained in Wushu, a Chinese martial art, which she described to the Independent as "not so much about throwing punches as it is about deflecting things." Even though this style shows how to avoid aggression, the film still allowed her to show off her diverse martial arts skill set.

    Jovovich also practices peaceful meditation and yoga to achieve balance in both body and mind. 

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    She Fought To Make Alice A Stronger Character In 'Resident Evil'

    Jovovich and husband, director Paul W.S. Anderson, have worked together since the first Resident Evil film in 2002. However, their professional relationship hasn’t always been perfect. According to Cinema Blend, Jovovich almost walked off the Resident Evil set after a re-write of her character.

    During production, Jovovich's co-star, Michelle Rodriguez, received high praise for her debut film Girlfight. At the time, she was Hollywood's top female action lead, and due to her newfound notoriety, many of Jovovich’s action scenes went to Rodriguez.

    Jovovich, frustrated with her character’s reduction to sidekick, sat down with Anderson and convinced him to rewrite the script to give her character more action sequences. 

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    She's An LGBTQ+ Ally

    Jovovich is a staunch ally for marginalized communities. Throughout her time in the fashion industry, Jovovich developed close relationships with many in the LGBTQ+ community from an early age. When asked about these relationships, she told the Advocate:

    Gay people have a sensibility nurtured by the fact that they’re rebels against what was once considered the norm, and I feel you’re always more inspired when you’ve been persecuted or when you’ve had to deal with difficulties in life. So the most creative people I met in the industry were gay guys.