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Why Are Movie Theaters Struggling To Make Money?

Updated 31 May 2019 6.5k views13 items

Is the end of cinema truly nigh? Just a few years ago, such a notion would have been laughed off as nonsense, but as ticket prices have steadily increased while the overall movie theater business has tanked, it’s become a legitimate question.

The cinema industry has had its ups and downs before, but the current downward trend looks like it could be permanent. For generations, movie theaters have enjoyed a virtual monopoly - anyone who wanted to see a new film when it came out pretty much had to do so at a theater. However, with streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime along with various On Demand outlets, that monopoly no longer exists.

People still love watching movies, but even when they actually go to a theater, the multitude of discount movie-viewing options like Moviepass have created a cutthroat market traditional movie theaters might not survive. Unless theaters can rapidly innovate, there’s a very good chance future generations won’t understand what it means to “go to the movies.”

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