Why 'Doug' Changed So Much From Its Early Days On Nickelodeon

Let's reminisce about Doug. It was a popular cartoon in the '90s, created by Jim Jinkins, about an average kid going through average trials and tribulations. He had an active imagination, some low-key social anxiety, an unrequited crush, and a great taste in music. For all those reasons, Doug was immensely relatable. The show ran on Nickelodeon from 1991-1994, took a brief break, and ran for another few years – from '96-'99. Over its two distinct runs, however, Doug underwent some changes, many so seemingly minor that they didn't register to casual viewers. To fans, the difference was unmistakable.

This list explains the many on-screen and behind-the-scenes changes that led Doug to become a subtly yet unmistakably different experience.