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Why Dick Grayson Is Better Than Batman 

Erik Barnes
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Superhero fans generally like Nightwing and most consider him to be the greatest Robin to ever wear an "R" on his chest. He's also favored since he's the first successor of Wayne of all the Bat-Family members. However, despite all of that respect, fans get riled up whenever someone sides with Dick Grayson in the Nightwing vs. Batman debate.

The purpose behind making a Version 2 is to surpass Version 1, but despite this logic, many people still think that Dick Grayson (AKA Robin/Nightwing) is still lesser than his mentor, Bruce Wayne. While fans have built Bruce Wayne/Batman into this god-like figure, one can still argue why Dick Grayson is better than Bruce Wayne. 

Batman is indeed an impressive martial artist and tactician, but could he be overwhelmed by Nightwing's superior athleticism and improvisation? Batman is a shrewd detective, but wouldn't he be an even better investigator if he had Nightwing's people skills and charisma? Read on for more details and a full list of reasons of why Nightwing is better than Batman.

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He Got Over It
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The Flying Graysons were murdered by the mob, which is what kickstarted Dick Grayson's path to becoming the first Robin. Relating to his pain, Bruce Wayne took Grayson in and gave him an outlet for his thirst for justice as Batman's sidekick, Robin. While Bruce is constantly haunted by the unjust death of his parents, Dick grew up and got over it.

That's not to say that Nightwing doesn't care about what happened to his parents or that the tragedy wasn't motivation. However, Nightwing was able to grow from his pain and evolve from it. It's not a weak spot that can be prodded anymore. His demeanor and quest for justice stems from wanting a better future, instead of his traumatic childhood past. 

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Nightwing Knows He's Imperfect
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Batman doesn't make many mistakes, but when he does, they are catastrophic. There was the time the entire Justice League was taken out because Ra's Al Ghul stole Batman's JLA takedown plans that Wayne kept in case the League were to go rogue. Or when he constructed a giant spy satellite that was taken over by evil forces. Or getting Batgirl pregnant (okay, that's an alternate future, but still). Yet despite all of this, Batman hardly apologizes, strives for perfection, and gets angry when he or others fall short of his high expectations.

Nightwing, on the other hand, is more forgiving of himself and of others. While like Batman in that he strives for perfection, he doesn't expect it. He even gets praise for his ability to improvise when something doesn't work. Plus, while Grayson makes big mistakes, his are less destructive than Wayne's blunders. Again, being more relatable, human, and humble makes him the more effective hero.

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He Has Natural Charisma Mixed With Scare Tactics
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Charisma can get you far in life and Grayson is filled with it. With his smart*ss personality and charm, mixed with Batman's training and color scheme, Nightwing has the best of both worlds. He can be a terrifying presence to criminals given his association with Batman and his terrifying scare tactics, but he can be a charmer when he needs to gain access to information from other sources or convince would-be allies to trust him. 

Batman's method of persuasion is "carrot vs. stick," relying heavily on the stick. Grayson knows that in many cases, you can "draw more flies with honey" by being more personable and compassionate. Combining the two, Nightwing ends up being an effective honey-drenched stick against crime. 

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Nightwing Is A More Effective Leader
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Because of his personality and people skills, Nightwing is a more natural, respected leader than Batman. Batman's harshness makes him cut bait more often than Grayson, with Batman either kicking out team members, belittling them, or outright quitting because the team goes against his wishes. As a Teen Titan, Nightwing is able to forge relationships with each team member and respect one individually, bringing them all together as a functional unit. As an Outsider, Grayson is able to delegate responsibilities and create better plans with team involvement. With Batman, it's "do my plan or I walk."

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