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Here's Why Your Office Job Quietly Hates You — And Is Killing You Slowly

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Comedy Central's dark comedy Corporate debuted in 2018 to decent reviews; after all, the central focus of the show was depression surrounding office jobs — perhaps a problem with which viewers were all too familiar. Much like the problems faced by main characters Jake and Matt, it's possible all the aspects of your desk job are slowly killing you. Sure, there's the depression and anxiety aspect of work, conditions almost incubated in the modern American workplace, but there are also more direct physiological effects that you may inherit at your desk without even realizing it.

What constitutes the worst jobs is subjective, and while some may think office jobs are "cushy," that doesn't mean they lack risk. In fact, some risks are inherent or even exclusive to office jobs. Additionally, you could be taking those risks home with you — if you're having trouble sleeping, you can bet there's a good chance it's related to your office (good thing there are tricks to how to sleep at work).

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