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People Describe Why They Had To Ghost Their Close Friends

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Sometimes no matter how long the friendship lasts, there comes a time where it needs to end. These Redditors described the moments they realized they needed to ghost friends because they weren't good for them anymore.

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    Her Friend Was A Truly Irresponsible Cat-Sitter

    From Redditor u/Carrot87:

    We had been friends for years. Like long-term sisterhood kind of sh*t. I did soooo much for her over the years and didn’t even bat an eyelash. I asked her to watch my cat while I went on a 10-day vacation (a cat that she also “loved” because it belonged to her family before me).

    She agreed to watch the cat. I even called her about four days into my vacation to ask her again to go and check on my cat to make sure it had food/water and a few scritches. When I came home, my cat’s water and food bowl were bone dry, and she let out the most tormenting “meows” I have ever heard. My “friend” didn’t check on her once in the 10 days that I was gone. She played stupid when I confronted her about it and said, “Oh! I completely forgot!” That was the beginning of the end.

    As for ghosting her, I had to. After the cat incident, she tried to make me feel guilty for being mad at her for it. I think I even ended up apologizing because she was so beside herself. A few more disagreements accrued after that, and I was always put on a guilt trip. I decided that I didn’t need that negativity in my life anymore, and I ghosted her. To this day, she tries to get back to me. Even through mutual friends, she bad-mouths me, then tells them how much she misses me. Chick is wack.

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    Their Friend Blatantly Pushed Them Aside

    From Redditor u/Burnhermit420:

    My "best friend" growing up was a kid I lived next door to from the age of nine until 18. At school, he would pretend not to know me so he could seem cool to the popular kids. He would invite me places then ditch me. He would break plans so he could free up time to hang with his cooler friends. That sh*t got real old, real fast. When I was 18, I moved to the other side of town. We were growing apart more and more but I would still try to hang out with him when I could.

    Well one day, he asked me to come over to his house and play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater when it first came out. I was so pumped that I walked three miles to his house only to be told that he was going to go hang out at his other friend's house instead but he asked if I could babysit his brothers and sisters. Needless to say, things weren't the same after that. I stopped answering his calls. He would stop by, and I would leave just to avoid him. He would make plans to hang out, and I never bothered going. I just gave up on trying to be friends with that guy. I tried so hard for almost 10 years just to be a good friend to him, and he just pushed me to the wayside. Maybe I'm an a**hole for stooping to his level but I don't care anymore.

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    His Friend Didn't Pay His Share Of The Bills

    From Redditor u/heisdeadjim_au:

    When I came home to find the power off. Bill hadn't been paid.

    We were friends from work. He had split up from his ex, and I needed to be closer to work. We went 50-50 on a rental. He has three kids from the previous relationship.

    With me being the nerd, I agreed to pay the tech bills. Internet, phone, cable TV. He agreed to pay the power as he burnt more because his kids were over on access visits.

    Came home. Dark house. Hmmmm. Investigate. He hadn't paid the power for AGES because his new girlfriend wanted the money. Then I discovered he wasn't paying his rent either, same reason.

    Down $5, power, rent, we were evicted. Ghosted.

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    Her Friend Had An Ulterior Motive

    From Redditor u/uniballoon20:

    I was really good friends with this girl in fifth grade (or so I thought). When we first met, we got along really well but I started noticing after two years that she would go hang out with me when I was with my guy friends, pretend that she was there to hang out with me, push me to the side, and flirt with my guy friends. Now, obviously I could tell that her actions made my guy friends uncomfortable. So I confronted her about it, and she just said in front of my guy friends, "I don't know you, why are you here?" After that, I stopped inviting her to hang out, and she pleaded for forgiveness but I just ignored her.

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