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Why Actual Graphic Novel Fans Hate The 'Watchmen' Movie

Updated 23 Aug 2019 40.6k views12 items

Anytime a film version of a popular book diverges from its beloved source material, it's the alterations themselves that cause the most backlash. When Zack Snyder's Watchmen, an adaptation of Alan Moore's classic graphic novel, arrived in theaters to a reception that ranged from lukewarm to infuriated, one may have assumed that same conventional wisdom was the explanation. Instead, the opposite was true, more often than not.

Much of the fury graphic novel fans leveled at the movie version of Watchmen had to do with elements Snyder transposed directly from the panels to the screen. There are things that work in comic books, and there are things that work in movies, but not many that work in both. The director's overzealous loyalty to the source material was often the very problem.

Of course, there were plenty of instances in which the movie departed from the book (the absence of a giant squid, most notably), and those choices brought their own problems, sometimes drastically altering the story's message. Then again, a movie like Watchmen can be something of a Rorschach test in its own right, with reactions deviating one way or another based on familiarity with the original text, or lack thereof.

Snyder has a knack for making visually stunning movies that aren't great, and to hear Watchmen fans tell it, his take on one of the greatest graphic novels of all time was no exception.

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