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Here's Why Phoebe Should Be Everyone's Favorite Friends Character

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When it comes to picking the best Friends character, everyone has their favorite. But no one can deny that Phoebe was a ray of sunshine, had the best one-liners on the show, and was probably the most underrated of the girls.

Looking back, it’s obvious that Phoebe’s charisma was due to Lisa Kudrow’s comedic talent. At the beginning, Phoebe was the odd one out. She wasn’t really connected to anyone from the group and was obviously very different. And yet, Kudrow played her perfectly, convincing viewers that she had a well-deserved spot among the six friends. There's no doubt Phoebe remains one of the best-acted TV characters of all time.

The writers deserve a pat on the back as well. As the show grew, they figured out how to write more to each actor's strengths, transforming Phoebe from the daydreaming, goofy girl of Season 1 into a force of nature. She always stayed true to her spiritual self, but evolved in unexpected and glorious ways. There's no question about it: Phoebe is, hands down, the best character on Friends.

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    She Overcame A Lot

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    Phoebe’s childhood and teen years weren’t a breeze. Her father left her, her mother committed suicide, and her stepdad went to prison. She and her twin sister Ursula were never close and she spent a huge chunk of time living on the streets, resorting to begging and mugging. A pimp spit in her mouth. She stabbed a cop once. You can see how anyone else could have resorted to a life of crime. Instead, she pushed through the rough patch and eventually ended up in a good place, working as a masseuse and playing music on the side. Kudos to Phoebe.

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    She Stays True To Herself

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    Phoebe knows who she is and what she believes in. When she realizes she wants to be a soccer mom, she breaks up with Mike, who isn’t willing to give marriage a second chance. Phoebe will never let society tell her what she should want or how she should behave. She’s strong and confident. In other words, she's a worthy role model for anyone struggling with life.

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    She's Honest And Always Speaks Her Mind

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    Phoebe doesn’t want to help you move? She’ll say so. She thinks you’re too controlling? She’ll tell you to your face. Phoebe is always honest with her loved ones and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, even when her opinions have a good chance of being ridiculed by others.

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    She Cherishes Her Friendships

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    Maybe because of her rough upbringing, Phoebe values her friendships more than anything. She’s always there to lend a helping hand, like when she teaches Joey how to speak French or play the guitar. She’s devastated when Paolo makes a pass at her, but doesn’t shy away from telling Rachel the truth. She’s a good friend, always there to offer a shoulder to cry on or tell you a harsh truth no one else has the guts to spill out. Plus, remember when she had her brother's triplets?  Her selflessness should be celebrated.

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