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The 1980s "Comedy" Revenge Of The Nerds Was A Nightmare Of Homophobia, Racism, And Sexual Assault

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Revenge of the Nerds remains one of the filthiest and funniest movies from the 1980s. It's hysterically crass in a way few Hollywood comedies dare to emulate, but it also celebrates some of the worst behavior ever captured in a film not written by Harmony Korine. There's no way around it: Revenge of the Nerds is creepy. There may be a reason that remake was canned before it even started filming.

If you're unfamiliar with the plot, here's a quick refresher: Gilbert, Lewis, and the other nerds of the Lambda fraternity avenge their cruel treatment at the hands of Stan Gable and the Alpha Betas. The irony is the nerds' behavior turns out to be far more deviant (and illegal) than anything the jocks have done. Sure, you can try to explain away the massive stereotyping, invasion of privacy, and date rape as being a product of the time. Or you can call it what it is – flat-out creepy, regardless of the decade. You might have a fondness for this weird cult favorite, but Revenge of the Nerds is bad.

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