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12 Reasons Sakura Haruno Is Better Than You Think

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The most hated character in Naruto isn't one of the villains; it's Sakura Haruno. This member of Team 7 is routinely maligned for being useless and boy-crazy.

Although this disdain is common, it definitely isn't fair. Sakura may have flaws, but she isn't as awful as people say. On the contrary, she's an interesting, well-developed character with a lot to offer the series.

Sakura's a trained medical professional who can also split the Earth in half with her fists. And she's one of the best anime characters with pink hair

Are there fair reasons to dislike the obsessive ninja? Sure. Personal preferences are valid, and no character can suit everyone's tastes. You don't have to like her, but if you're a hater, learning the reasons why fans love Sakura might convince you otherwise.