12 Reasons Sakura Haruno Is Better Than You Think

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The most hated character in Naruto isn't one of the villains; it's Sakura Haruno. This member of Team 7 is routinely maligned for being useless and boy-crazy.

Although this disdain is common, it definitely isn't fair. Sakura may have flaws, but she isn't as awful as people say. On the contrary, she's an interesting, well-developed character with a lot to offer the series.

Sakura's a trained medical professional who can also split the Earth in half with her fists. And she's one of the best anime characters with pink hair

Are there fair reasons to dislike the obsessive ninja? Sure. Personal preferences are valid, and no character can suit everyone's tastes. You don't have to like her, but if you're a hater, learning the reasons why fans love Sakura might convince you otherwise.

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    She's A Skilled Medic At Age 16

    How many 16-year-olds do you know who are full-fledged medical professionals? While Sakura exists in a world where such a spectacular accomplishment is possible, that doesn't make it any less impressive.

    Sakura understands enough about the human body – and possesses the necessary technical skill – to perform complex operations like extracting poison from people without damaging vital organs, manually restarting someone's heart, and more.

    She masters this over the course of a few months in Shippuden, all while improving her physical prowess as a ninja. If you've ever tried to maintain a workout schedule while studying for final exams, you know how hard this is,and chances are you weren't doing it between constant battles with enemy ninja.

    Not only does Sakura hone her craft, she actually surpasses her mentor Tsunade, an accomplishment her teacher acknowledges.

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    She's A Powerful Ninja

    Sakura has super strength. She can kick down a wall, knock someone out with a single punch, and split the ground open with her fists. In a filler episode, she destroys an entire boat with her hands. It's not strictly canon, but it's something she could absolutely accomplish if given the chance.

    On top of all this, Sakura has incredible chakra control. At the start of the series, she's able to concentrate chakra in her feet and walk up a tree before Naruto or Sasuke can. At the end of Shippuden, she transfers a massive amount of chakra to Obito so he can find Sasuke and bring him to Naruto, allowing them to defeat Kaguya together. Oh, and she does all this after healing hundreds of barely alive ninja on a battlefield.

    Sakura may not have elaborate, show-stopping powers like Sasuke and Naruto, but that doesn't make her weak. 

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    She's A Hardworking (Nearly) Single Mom In 'Boruto'

    Being a mom isn't easy, especially when your husband is Sasuke Uchiha, who hasn't been around to help out with his daughter. In fact, he's been home so infrequently that he literally doesn't recognize Sarada when he meets her, and she has almost no memory of her father. 

    This means Sakura had to raise their daughter on her own. Is she a perfect mother? No – she keeps information from Sarada that she shouldn't, and she's often too busy with her job to spend time with her – but perfection is a lot to expect from anyone, especially in a show like Boruto where Naruto's imperfect parenting skills are a main theme. 

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    She's Not Useless

    Perhaps the biggest criticism levied against Sakura is her so-called uselessness. This one is completely inaccurate.

    She may not have as many successful battles under her belt as Sasuke and Naruto, but Sakura isn't solely focused on fighting. She realizes how vital medical ninjutsu is, so she learns the complex trade while still taking time to practice fighting. Sakura's not as strong as Sasuke, but he can't manually restart someone's heart or heal injuries. 

    Also, a character doesn't have to be able to kick butt 24/7 in order to be interesting or worthwhile. Would it be cool if she could hold her own alongside Naruto and Sasuke and wasn't relegated to a support role? Of course it would—but without the support she provides, Naruto and Sasuke would probably wouldn't be alive. 

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    Some Of Her Fights Are Pretty Badass

    Sakura might not be involved with the most badass fights in all of Naruto, but she still has some epic battles. In one memorable fight against Akatsuki member Sasori, she initially receives help from Chiyo, but ultimately defeats Sasori by herself after her partner is injured. 

    She also beats a Zetsu and multiple Ten-Tails clones, and she contributes to fights against Madara and Kaguya. In a particularly awesome moment, she takes a TSB rod to the chest to buy Sasuke and Naruto time in the battle against Madara. This heroic act may not get the same fanfare as the one that delivers the final blow, but it proves she is vital to the team. 

    Her battle against Ino during the Chunin exams wasn't as high-stakes as the two previous battles, but the integrity both girls show is inspiring. Viewers learn more about the girls' relationship as they duke it out. Neither girl gives up, no matter how difficult the battle becomes, because they have immense respect for each other as opponents. 

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    She Lives Up To Her Name

    At the beginning of the series, Sakura lacks confidence in her ninja abilities. She compares herself unfavorably to Naruto and Sasuke, fails to take action out of fear, and doesn't perform as well as she technically could. But after a pivotal moment, she begins to change. 

    While going through the Forest of Death, Sakura sticks to the margins, playing it safe while her more powerful allies take on their opponents. However, when Naruto and Sasuke are knocked out after a fight with Orochimaru, Sakura finds herself facing a group of three enemy ninja alone.

    Rock Lee tries to help her but fails, so she has to take them on herself. When one enemy grabs her long hair and mocks her for caring more about her appearance than her fighting skills, Sakura defies expectations by cutting off her hair with a kunai, freeing herself to kick butt until Sasuke wakes up and is able to lend a hand.

    In this scene, Sakura shows previously unprecedented physical and emotional strength. Like her name implies, she might be just a little bud in the beginning, but when she blooms, she's spectacular. From this moment, she continues to develop her skills as a ninja as she reassesses her priorities and gains confidence.

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