14 Reasons Why 'Space Jam 2' Is Better Than 'Citizen Kane'

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Vote up the most convincing arguments that put 'Space Jam 2' above Orson Welles' 1941 masterpiece

Yes, we know what you've heard: Citizen Kane is a towering achievement in cinema, widely regarded by many to be the greatest film of all time. But what if we told you that, in fact, the movie isn't that great. What if we told you that a better movie has been made as recently as 2021, starring none other than NBA superstar LeBron James? What if we were to make an ironclad, impregnable argument that Space Jam: A New Legacy is superior to Citizen Kane?

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. You may disagree with our arguments here, but if you give them all a chance, answer honestly: which would you rather watch right now? Take a look at the reasons why LeBron's animated kids' flick is a better movie than Orson Welles' critically lauded debut film, and vote up the ones that tempt you into thinking maybe, just maybe, we might have a point here. 

  • 'Space Jam 2' Is Aware Of Its Place In History
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    'Space Jam 2' Is Aware Of Its Place In History

    Space Jam 2 is all about the rich tapestry of culture, and how the many characters in it, from Porky Pig to Jon Snow, are essential parts of that bigger picture. Citizen Kane doesn't involve any characters who aren't in Citizen Kane — it's exactly the kind of shallow, uncurious, downright lazy navel-gazing that is ruining the film industry today.

  • LeBron James Won 4 Championships — Kane Couldn't Win One Election
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    LeBron James Won 4 Championships — Kane Couldn't Win One Election

    Charles Foster Kane's run for governor of New York is destroyed when his opponent reveals that Kane is having an affair. That's right: despite all his wealth and influence, he couldn't win one lousy gubernatorial election. It's a fact that's all the more pathetic when you consider that the protagonist of Space Jam 2 has four championship rings won while playing for three different NBA teams. 

  • 'Citizen Kane' Fails At Brand Synergy
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    'Citizen Kane' Fails At Brand Synergy

    Citizen Kane was produced by RKO Pictures, but you would be forgiven for not knowing it — the only time the studio is mentioned is at the very beginning of the film before the opening titles. People watching Space Jam 2, by contrast, are never allowed to forget that the movie they are watching is being produced by Warner Bros. The logo is everywhere, the company's name is constantly being mentioned, and the movie spends a lot of time at the iconic WB lot in Burbank, California. A good filmmaker understands that viewers crave recognizable logos that remind them of all the money being spent on the thing they're watching. 

  • Almost Everyone Involved In The Making Of 'Citizen Kane' Is Dead
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    Almost Everyone Involved In The Making Of 'Citizen Kane' Is Dead

    We'll admit that Space Jam 2 has a slight advantage in this category, since it came out in 2021 while Citizen Kane was released 80 years ago. But consider this: Bugs Bunny first appeared on-screen in 1938, while Orson Welles was born in 1915. Guess which one of them is still acting in movies today?

  • Nobody Reads Newspapers Anymore
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    Nobody Reads Newspapers Anymore

    In Citizen Kane, media magnate Charles Foster Kane makes a fortune off of his newspaper empire. In Space Jam 2, we never see a single newspaper appear on camera. Why? Because Space Jam 2 presents us with an accurate portrayal of society today, one that divides our attention between the real world and the fictional worlds on our screens. Citizen Kane doesn't even attempt to explore the consequences of social media, choosing instead to retreat to its little fantasy universe where Americans read words off of a page every day. 

  • There Are No Battle Raps In 'Citizen Kane'
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    There Are No Battle Raps In 'Citizen Kane'

    Space Jam 2 features an impromptu battle rap between main antagonist Al-G Rhythm and Porky Pig, a battle that Porky wins by default. Is it Citizen Kane's fault that rap hadn't been invented This is the kind of inventive and exciting action that has only been made possible by years of cinematic advancement, progress that took place long after Orson Welles' rudimentary effort.