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Behind The Scenes Of What Made 'Spider-Man 3' Such A Creative Flop

Updated 11 May 2020 14.1k views12 items

Few big-budget action films have as nasty a reputation as Spider-Man 3. The movie is remembered as a complete disaster, but was is it really that bad? The film has some interesting story elements, and the cast and crew did a great job - even Tobey Maguire, who was put in some truly ridiculous scenarios in the second act. Director Sam Raimi even followed through on most of the threads from the first film, so why don't people like Spider-Man 3?

How do you follow up a universally beloved film like Spider-Man 2? In Raimi's case, he tried to make a spectacle with Spider-Man 3 by making everything bigger - unfortunately, this strategy was ineffective. Many fractures lurked behind the scenes of Spider-Man 3. Not only did Sony not want to give Raimi complete control over the third film, but they insisted upon Venom's inclusion, even if he didn’t fit within the trilogy's overarching narrative. Here are the reasons why Spider-Man 3 was destined to be a huge flop.

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