People Reveal The Reasons Why They Cheated On Their Significant Other

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According to pop songs about philanderers, movies about people who leave unfaithful partners, and TV shows like Cheaters, cheating on one's significant other or spouse is the most grotesque, relationship-ruining action ever. Nobody likes a cheater.

In reality, though, the act of sleeping around on a partner or being emotionally unfaithful is a common one. Celebrities cheat on their loved ones, average Joes and Jeans cheat on their loved ones, and sometimes the relationship manages to survive. In the case of Beyoncé and wayward spouse Jay-Z, the two performers were able to publicize his indiscretions and make millions of dollars in the process (Lemonade and 4:44, we're talking about you). In fact, cheating is so common, so prevalent, and some might say so accepted in the human experience that thousands of cheaters have gathered to share their experiences on Reddit.

They may not be recommending their dishonest ways but many of the posters seem to believe that cheating is simply a part of life. After reading the stories below do you think that humans are even capable of remaining in relationships? Vote up the wildest tales that have you losing a little bit of faith in monogamy. 


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    His Boyfriend Abused Him And Accused Him Of Cheating So He Decided To Do What He Was Accused Of

    From Reddit user Zarbi92 255:

    "He kept accusing me of cheating all the time, beating me for it, would never believe me that I wasn't. For about a year he would do this, accuse me, beat me until he was satisfied with my punishment, and then tell me he forgave me for a week or so. After a year or so of this I started getting emotionally connected to a friend of his sister and sister's wife. We never slept together, kissed, or did anything physical. We didn't even talk about anything physical. But he took me on a few dates. I figured since I'm being punished for it and he won't believe me that I'm not, I might as well just do it. He also informed me that I was being abused and that good men do exist. I still feel awful about it. The fact that I knew what I was doing was wrong but at the same time, those dates were amazing and gave me the confidence to leave my ex...

    Also it turned out he was cheating the whole time."

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    This Cheater Was Able To Reunite With A Former Flame

    From Reddit user tsbae

    "A few years ago, I met this amazing guy. Let's call him Guy A. Fell very much in love with him, he was so kind and sweet. We kissed a few times and hooked up once, but he was starting to see this other girl, so it never went further than that. I was pretty heartbroken over it.

    Fast forward a few years. I'm a year and a half into this horrible relationship. We'll call him Sh*thead. Sh*thead is a compulsive liar, yells at me, threatens to break up every time I do something he doesn't like, like whenever I had a panic attack.

    I'm at a concert without Sh*thead and I look across the dance floor, and I see Guy A, dancing his heart out, laughing and just being amazing. Hadn't seen him since the time we hooked up, which was a few years ago. My heart skipped a beat. I approached him, we talked for hours, and I told him I was living with a really sh*tty guy and that I wanted out. When he kissed me good bye, I just knew.

    I continued the relationship with my Sh*thead for about a week (while still seeing the other guy on the side) before I finally worked up the courage to break up with him.

    I've been with Guy A ever since, and haven't looked back once."

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    He Cheated Because He Fell In Love At First Sight

    From Reddit user optimaloutcome:

    "I was young, 19. I had been with a girl for a year when my parents decided I needed to pay rent, so I found a roommate and got an apartment. Day one, I go to the office to turn in my walk through paperwork. The girl in the office made my heart skip. She made me a believer in the idea of love at first sight.

    She moved in across from my apartment a couple weeks later and we started to hang out. One night we slept together. The next day I broke up with my girlfriend. Me and new girl talked and we both wanted to be together.

    She moved in with me a month later. That was 17 years ago. She's currently asleep upstairs next to our daughter."

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    She Was An Unknowing Accessory To Cheating

    From Reddit user PeanutPhotography:

    "I was the mistress in a marriage. The guy was an old bf from high school; we dated off and on. When we were off he would date this girl Kelly, and when we broke up for the final time he went and married her. Almost a year after we broke up, I was back in town on summer break from college and ran into him at my summer job.

    He gave me this sob story about how Kelly wanted a divorce and was taking his kid from him. I (stupidly) believed him, we exchanged numbers, started talking daily. He invited me over to 'his' apartment, showed me his divorce paperwork, and ultimately things got sexual for a couple weeks.

    One day I swung by to pick up a pair of earrings I'd forgotten the day before. His best friend from high school answered the door. I asked if guy was around, best friend said no why would he? Turned out Guy was actually house sitting for best friend, it wasn't his apartment. Best friend also informed me that Guy and Kelly were in the process of BUYING A HOUSE, their marriage was fine.

    I was livid and disgusted. I went to work the following day, and in walks Kelly. I ask her what she's doing later that night and if she's available to talk. We meet up after I get off and I lay it all out for her. She teared up a bit, but ultimately she was pissed. She gives me their address and tells me to show up there unannounced the next day.

    I do and Guy is white as a sheet trying to get me to leave. Kelly shows up and they end up in a screaming match. So Guy ended up getting divorced and settled with a chunk of child support because Kelly informed the right people about Guys pot plants. None of us talk anymore. When I think about it, I have to shower at least twice."