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People Reveal The Reasons Why They Cheated On Their Significant Other

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According to pop songs about philanderers, movies about people who leave unfaithful partners, and TV shows like Cheaters, cheating on one's significant other or spouse is the most grotesque, relationship-ruining action ever. Nobody likes a cheater.

In reality, though, the act of sleeping around on a partner or being emotionally unfaithful is a common one. Celebrities cheat on their loved ones, average Joes and Jeans cheat on their loved ones, and sometimes the relationship manages to survive. In the case of Beyoncé and wayward spouse Jay-Z, the two performers were able to publicize his indiscretions and make millions of dollars in the process (Lemonade and 4:44, we're talking about you). In fact, cheating is so common, so prevalent, and some might say so accepted in the human experience that thousands of cheaters have gathered to share their experiences on Reddit.

They may not be recommending their dishonest ways but many of the posters seem to believe that cheating is simply a part of life. After reading the stories below do you think that humans are even capable of remaining in relationships? Vote up the wildest tales that have you losing a little bit of faith in monogamy.