Star-Lord Was A Villain Long Before His Defining Moment In 'Infinity War'

Despite what his sly smirk and penchant for smooth '80s jams might say, Star-Lord is a bad guy. Some Peter Quill fans may cite Star-Lord's messed-up backstory as the reason behind his less-than-savory antics, but some of his actions go beyond having a troubled childhood. Star-Lord is the real villain of Infinity Warand it's not the only time he has acted like a Big Bad.

Even though he's the face of a major cinematic and comic book franchise, Star-Lord pretty much acts like a villain in every situation. If there's a wrong move to make, he'll make it, and he won't apologize. A number of Star-Lord facts perfectly illustrate how Peter Quill is problematic at best, and an out-and-out villain at worst. Whether or not these awful things Star-Lord has done change the way you watch Guardians of the Galaxy is up to you.