Star-Lord Was A Villain Long Before His Defining Moment In 'Infinity War'  

Jacob Shelton
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Despite what his sly smirk and penchant for smooth '80s jams might say, Star-Lord is a bad guy. Some Peter Quill fans may cite Star-Lord's messed-up backstory as the reason behind his less-than-savory antics, but some of his actions go beyond having a troubled childhood. Star-Lord is the real villain of Infinity Warand it's not the only time he has acted like a Big Bad.

Even though he's the face of a major cinematic and comic book franchise, Star-Lord pretty much acts like a villain in every situation. If there's a wrong move to make, he'll make it, and he won't apologize. A number of Star-Lord facts perfectly illustrate how Peter Quill is problematic at best, and an out-and-out villain at worst. Whether or not these awful things Star-Lord has done change the way you watch Guardians of the Galaxy is up to you.

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He's A Straight-Up Misogynist
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Photo:  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

If Tony Stark's treatment of women is Marvel's attempt at making misogyny cute, Peter Quill's appearances in the MCU are a major "hold my beer" moment for the franchise. Pick any movie where Star-Lord appears, and there are parallel tropes in all of his interactions with women. He speaks down to them, he treats them either as inferiors or sexual objects, and he's just kind of a jerk - and for some reason, the audience is supposed to love him.

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, he ignores Gamora when she explicitly tells him she's not interested in a sexual relationship with him; instead, he continues his advances. He also completely forgets a woman he's sleeping with is on his ship, and the whole scene is played for laughs. It's uncomfortable, to say the least.

He Shows The Worst Traits Of Toxic Masculinity
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Star-Lord isn't the only Marvel man with a toxic masculinity problem - the MCU is built on a foundation of men embodying the worst traits of the gender - but Star-Lord doubles down on self-reliant and overly competitive behavior. Star-Lord acts out in situations where he should just be chill, and he gets into spats with other men he perceives as a threat to his alpha status.

Just about every scene Star-Lord appears in has a trace of his masculine venom, but the scenes that put his worst qualities most on display are those he shares with Thor in Infinity War. After rescuing the one-eyed Norse god, Star-Lord is downright hostile to his guest, specifically because he believes Thor is going to steal Gamora away from him.

He Brings Guns To A Place Full Of Kids
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Photo:  Star-Lord:Grounded/Marvel Comics

In 2017 Star-Lord starred in a comic series that proved he's just the worst. Living on Earth and bored out of his mind, Peter Quill tries to stir up some trouble. He ends up hanging out with Kitty Pryde and Logan in an art gallery, and for some reason, he brings all the guns. That's right, Star-Lord is a proponent of being able to open carry space guns in a public space.

Admittedly, Star-Lord isn't brandishing the guns at anyone, but it still feels like a bizarre choice. He's arrested later in the comic, and he has to get a job working at a bad guy bar. If carrying weapons openly around children wasn't bad enough, now he's working for bad guys. Total villain move.

He Brainwashes His Teammates
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Photo:  Guardians of the Galaxy by Abnett & Lanning: The Complete Collection Volume 1/Marvel Comics

After essentially destroying the known universe by introducing the Phalanx to the Kree Empire, Peter Quill decides to get the Guardians back together. This in and of itself isn't a bad idea - it's more the way he goes about it that makes him an archvillain. Rather than having a conversation with each member individually, Star-Lord gets Mantis to "slightly brainwash" each member into joining the group.

When the group finally figures out what happened in issue #6 of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the crew breaks up for a little while - until they're brought back together through the magic of storytelling.