Teen Titans Is The Greatest DC Superhero Cartoon Ever Made, Fight Me

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There have been several classic superhero cartoons over the years. Fox Kids' X-Men cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and so many others are lauded and given proper critical acclaim by fans and critics alike. However, the best superhero cartoon of them all is Teen Titans.

Blasphemy! Nah, but it's true. The Teen Titans cartoon isn't just one of the best DC Comics animated shows, but is one of the best superhero cartoons, period. The amazing theme song, the great voice actors, and the fleshed-out character arcs are just a few pieces of evidence that prove the show's greatness. Read on for a full list of reasons why Teen Titans is the best superhero cartoon ever!


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    Raven And Starfire Are Fully Realized Female Characters

    Many children's superhero shows are focused mostly on the dudes and the female characters' personalities are simply "they're the girls of the group." Not so with Teen Titans. Starfire and Raven are two distinct female characters that have very different personalities. The positive Starfire is seen as nobly joyful and, while naive, doesn't fall into a dumb ditzy girl trope. Raven is a bit anti-social and sarcastic but never plays into the killjoy girl stereotype. They are both game for fun, are seen as equals by their male counterparts, and never fall into damsel-in-distress territory.

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    Every Character Is Distinct

    When it comes to the Titans roster, everyone has their part to play in terms of abilities and personality. Robin is the no-nonsense leader and tactician. Cyborg is the powerhouse with a big heart for fun. Beast Boy is the shapeshifting jokester that struggles to be accepted. Starfire is the naive yet powerful heart of the team. Raven is one of the most powerful sorcerers on Earth with an even more powerful eye-roll. There aren't any filler characters and everyone contributes something in terms of personality and team dynamics.

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    Slade Is A Formidable Villain

    For a show that is aimed at younger kids, Slade is refreshing. While most superhero shows aim at youngsters go for a villain that's mostly comical, Slade is a no-nonsense threat that the Titans take seriously. Plus, he's voiced by Ron Perlman, which only turns his badassness up to 11.

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    There Are Quality Thematic Episodes

    Many of the Teen Titans episodes focus on themes that are important for children and adults. The episode "Fear Itself" focuses on Raven acknowledging her fear - rather than giving it power or trying to simply ignore it - in order to overcome it. "Divide and Conquer" focuses on the importance of teamwork and cooperation even if there is friction within your team. There are deeper subtexts and important life lessons in many of the episodes.