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CW's The Flash Is Really Losing Its Way Lately

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When the Crimson Comet first raced onto the small screen, there was some concern about whether or not a limited budget could really do justice to this Super Friend. Surprisingly, The Flash TV show did that and then some.

The Flash is perhaps the best DC property on The CW: Arrow has started to run out of steam, Supergirl is good but super cheesy, and Legends of Tomorrow was always ridiculous. But The Flash is starting to discover some of the pitfalls of its ilk. It needs a kick in its frictionless leather pants. 

Being the new flagship program of The CW is precisely why The Flash needs to get better. The television DC Universe depends on it! 

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    Jesse And Wally's Relationship Sucks

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    Jesse and Wally started dating in Season 3 despite any discernible chemistry. In fact, Jesse had even lamented how annoying Wally was when she was granted with powers and he wasn’t. That doesn’t bode well for romance, but there’s romance nonetheless. In Episode 14, Jesse’s father lies to Wally about being terminally ill so that Wally will push her to go back to Earth-2 with him. Well, it immediately backfires, leaving Harrison looking like an ass and Wally like an idiot, but it speaks to a larger issue: that Jesse Quick and Kid Flash’s relationship is just kind of ridiculous.

    Case in point: at the end of Episode 16, Wally tells her he loves her, which she requites before running off to protect the Flash-less Earth-3. You’ve been dating for like a month. Slow your roll, children!

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    There Are Other Solutions Than Speed

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    From day one, Harrison Wells (or Eobard Thawne) pushed Barry to get faster. Every episode: “You’re not fast enough, Barry”; “You need to get faster, Barry”; “If you had gotten here faster my pizza would still be hot, Barry.” Virtually every fight Barry has had in three seasons has had a singular solution: more speed. The result being that the climax of Season 2 was essentially a footrace between Barry and Zoom. Cool.

    Too many times has Barry slammed a fist on a table and cried, “I’m just not fast enough!” (Iris may feel differently). The constant refrain of needing more speed is The Flash’s version of Oliver’s darkness in Arrow. Find another fulcrum, writers.

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    Caitlin Snow's Crisis Is Tired

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    Oh, are you afraid of becoming Killer Frost, Caitlin? Because you haven't mentioned it in almost four minutes. Throughout the entirety of Season 3, Caitlin wrestled with the cold killer (or darkness, right, Arrow?) inside of her. Fortunately, they gave her a science necklace to keep her powers at bay. And yet, she still won't shut up about it. We just can't listen to you anymore, Cait! Just take off the necklace and let Frosty out. She may be evil, but at least she's less annoying.

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    Who The HELL Is The Musical For?

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    That lip syncing, tho. Woof. Season 3's musical episode "Duet" was cute. Fine. But why was it necessary? Who was it for? This episode was a giant wheel of cheese caked in glitter. And the fact that Barry CANNOT sing didn’t help. Grant Gustin apparently can’t even hit a note in a sound booth because, as already suggested, that lip syncing would make Mariah Carey cringe. The worst part though, was that final scene between Barry and Iris.

    Consider this: Barry was clearly lip syncing, which means that Candace Patton (who plays Iris) had to silently stare at Grant Gustin’s face as he pretended to sing an ENTIRE FREAKING SONG and ultimately shed tears. That was, without question, the most awkward four minutes of their lives.

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