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CW's The Flash Is Really Losing Its Way Lately

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When the Crimson Comet first raced onto the small screen, there was some concern about whether or not a limited budget could really do justice to this Super Friend. Surprisingly, The Flash TV show did that and then some.

The Flash is perhaps the best DC property on The CW: Arrow has started to run out of steam, Supergirl is good but super cheesy, and Legends of Tomorrow was always ridiculous. But The Flash is starting to discover some of the pitfalls of its ilk. It needs a kick in its frictionless leather pants. 

Being the new flagship program of The CW is precisely why The Flash needs to get better. The television DC Universe depends on it! 

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    Iris Was Trippin'... Then Barry Was!

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    When Wally told Iris that Barry only proposed to change the future, she called off the engagement (Wally!). Like every other will-they-won’t-they in television history, she had to back out because she was afraid Barry wasn’t marrying her for the right reasons. C’mon! He’s been in love with you since he was nine! Is it unreasonable that he might want to marry you to save you from Savitar and because he loves you? No. But wait!

    When she realizes her mistake,  Barry then has to call off the engagement because it turns out she was right. What?! Cut it out, Ross and Rachel. Good thing Barry lip synced her a new proposal at the end of the very next episode, calling into question why the writers would even introduce the uncertainty in their relationship if it was just going to be resolved in the span of three episodes.

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    Team Flash Doesn't Go Anywhere

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    “We never go anywhere anymore!”

    Team Flash’s marriage is getting stale. They are almost always at Star Labs, and if not, they’re either at Joe’s house or Barry and Iris’s apartment. They never even go to Jitters anymore! Their world has become quite small, especially considering a couple of them could go anywhere in the world in an instant. Sure, they do some occasional Earth-hopping, but the vast majority of their time is spent chatting on wheeled chairs at the lab.

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    Jesse And Wally's Relationship Sucks

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    Jesse and Wally started dating in Season 3 despite any discernible chemistry. In fact, Jesse had even lamented how annoying Wally was when she was granted with powers and he wasn’t. That doesn’t bode well for romance, but there’s romance nonetheless. In Episode 14, Jesse’s father lies to Wally about being terminally ill so that Wally will push her to go back to Earth-2 with him. Well, it immediately backfires, leaving Harrison looking like an ass and Wally like an idiot, but it speaks to a larger issue: that Jesse Quick and Kid Flash’s relationship is just kind of ridiculous.

    Case in point: at the end of Episode 16, Wally tells her he loves her, which she requites before running off to protect the Flash-less Earth-3. You’ve been dating for like a month. Slow your roll, children!

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    Flashpoint Changed Characters We Loved

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    Over the course of two seasons, we came to know and love Team Flash (save for the many iterations of Harrison Wells). But in the Season 2 finale, Barry changed the timeline, and thus changed all of those characters and their relationships. Suddenly, Iris and Joe weren’t on speaking terms; neither were Cisco and Barry, as Cisco’s brother was killed in the new timeline. Tragic. Fortunately, Barry was able to use his charm to bring everyone back together and re-establish the relationships that once made them a close knit family.

    The problem is that, accepting this new timeline, those relationships never existed in the first place! Flashpoint stripped away all character development before it— and it is implausible that the characters in question would just become a version of themselves that existed in another reality. Philosophical mic drop.

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