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13 Messed Up Things You Never Noticed About The Lion King

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The Lion King is one of Disney's most celebrated films, and with good reason. It's essentially an animal-based Hamlet with catchy songs thrown in. With a colorful cast of characters, the tone is light and fun for the most part. There are still some dark Lion King scenes, like Mufasa's death, which is one of the scariest moments in Disney films. However, if you look more closely at the film, you'll realize that Mufasa's unfortunate end wasn't the only messed up thing. 

If you think about it, the world of The Lion King is actually very upsetting, especially from an adult's perspective. Confusing plot holes, disturbing bits of animation, and harsh realities are littered throughout the film. You may not have noticed when you first watched it, but a closer look will reveal some creepy revelations. Read on for some harsh truths about why The Lion King is really twisted and vote up the most unsettling reasons. 

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    "Be Prepared" Is Based Off A Nazi Rally

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    Many of the scenes within Scar's musical number, "Be Prepared," was ripped off from Nazi propaganda. The shot of the marching hyenas was confirmed to be lifted from footage from the movie, Triumph of the Will.  Disney didn't need to bring Nazi references into their children's film - Scar is enough of a bad guy already. 

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    Simba's Warped Family Life

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    Simba's uncle murdered his father. He was raised by a meerkat and warthog since his mother was apparently absent during this entire time. He's visited by his dad's ghost. He kills his uncle and ends up in a romantic relationship with his relative. Simba's life could definitely be the subject of a trashy daytime talk show. 

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    Those Hyenas Really Eat The Hell Out Of Scar

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    At the end of the movie, Scar is cornered by a pack of hyenas and is attacked. While the violence is only portrayed via shadows, it is still an incredibly terrifying sight. The darkened images of the hyenas literally tearing Scar apart is almost as disturbing as if they had just animated the actual mauling itself.

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    Where Was The Rest Of The Pride?

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    Okay, so once Scar causes Mufasa's death and Simba runs away, where is the rest of the pride during all of this? Why doesn't Simba's mother go on an extended search? Does no one question Scar? Even if they believed the story that Simba caused Mufasa's death, wouldn't the rest of pride want revenge for their fallen leader? Man, the royal family is cold.

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