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VOTE What Do You Think Was the Real Reason 2016 Was So Weird?  

Jacob Shelton
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2016 was a weird year for everyone. Even if you ignore the absurdity of US presidential election, and the festering sore that helped bring its outcome to fruition, things were strange. Amid almost daily acts of violence, protests, and a faltering economy, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to feel like none of it was happening. Why did 2016 suck so much? Aside from the tragic 2016 celebrity deaths that you could set your watch to, everything else feels like a blur.

Trying to describe what happened in 2016 feels like trying to describe a dream moments after you wake up. The events dissipate from your head even though, as they were happening, they felt very real. But why was 2016 weird? Was there a catalyst for all of these strange events? Or as a society are we so disconnected that even the most horrific of events seem like they’re happening through a thick layer of amber?

One of the clues for understanding what went wrong in 2016 could be the fact that everyone was so caught up in nostalgia for the recent past. Television and film revivals were a huge part of 2016, so maybe it’s our willful adherence to embracing a past we remember as being better than it was that made our present so bizarre. There’s really not one answer for why 2016 tipped humanity into absurdity, rather it’s likely that a combination of influences turned the world into a place that is infinitely out of step with what we once knew.

Vote up the things you think might help explain 2016's bizarre feel and if you have a go-to coping mechanism, share it with us all in the comments.

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Putting Terrible Opinions Out Into the World Has Never Been Easier

77 9
We're All Paying More Attention to Social Media

74 13
Fake News Was Taken Far Too Seriously

59 12
Politicians Have Stopped Pretending to Be Good People

51 9
News Organizations Openly Admitted to Skewing One Way or the Other and No One Seemed to Mind

57 13
The Baby Boomer Death Rate Bubble Finally Burst, Affecting Even ~Celebs~

52 15
Because People Were So Ensconced in Their Own Worldview They Were Shocked Someone Had a Differing Opinion

42 12
People Have Gotten Used to Watching Life Unfold on Screens and Now Nothing Feels Real

36 13
Due to the Death of the Middle Class, Everyone Is Working at Least Two Jobs

38 15
People Allowed Themselves to Be Enveloped by Nostalgia Without Thinking of the Future

45 23
The Apocalypse Is Actually About to Happen

35 18
Technology Is Changing Faster Than Humans Can Comprehend

35 25
Racism Made a BIG Comeback and No One Was Expecting It

27 27
It’s All a Conspiracy!

Britney Spears Tattoos

22 23
2016 Was the First Year Millennials Had to Face Their Mortality

24 28
Humans Weren't Supposed to Live This Long

21 27
We're on the Precipice of the Singularity

13 28
Chrononauts Have Screwed Up the Timeline

12 30
Twitter Eggs Were Suddenly Taken Seriously

11 29
It Turns Out Earth Is Haunted by Very Angry Ghosts

11 29
A New Threat of Nuclear War Instilled Americans with a Sudden Sense of Nihilism

11 30
Mercury Was in Perpetual Retrograde

9 38
Climate Change Is Slowly Driving Everyone Mad