15 Reasons We Need Bill Nye Now More Than Ever Before

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Bill Nye is back! 2017 will see the triumphant return of the science guy himself to the airwaves when Bill Nye Saves the World hits everyone’s Netflix queue. While the title of the show may have seemed a bit hyperbolic when it was first announced in August of 2016, world events have since intervened to make it all the more realistic and relevant. Donald Trump now sits in the White House; science is under constant attack; and the whole concept of "fact" has been given an "alternative" explanation. Worst of all, the same issues that Nye used to tackle on his show back in the 1990s - like climate change and extinction - are mostly in the same position as they were back then.

The lack of progress seen in the world - and the fact that it actually appears to be going backwards - means we need Bill Nye back now more than ever. Nobody has proven the ability to reach the scientific hearts and minds of children and adults alike quite like Nye did, so it is well past time to bring the man back into the spotlight. He never really went anywhere, but Nye is now back in a place of prominence on Netflix, and it’s time for him to prove he has what it takes to really save the world from... itself more than anything.