15 Reasons We Need Bill Nye Now More Than Ever Before

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Bill Nye is back! 2017 will see the triumphant return of the science guy himself to the airwaves when Bill Nye Saves the World hits everyone’s Netflix queue. While the title of the show may have seemed a bit hyperbolic when it was first announced in August of 2016, world events have since intervened to make it all the more realistic and relevant. Donald Trump now sits in the White House; science is under constant attack; and the whole concept of "fact" has been given an "alternative" explanation. Worst of all, the same issues that Nye used to tackle on his show back in the 1990s - like climate change and extinction - are mostly in the same position as they were back then.

The lack of progress seen in the world - and the fact that it actually appears to be going backwards - means we need Bill Nye back now more than ever. Nobody has proven the ability to reach the scientific hearts and minds of children and adults alike quite like Nye did, so it is well past time to bring the man back into the spotlight. He never really went anywhere, but Nye is now back in a place of prominence on Netflix, and it’s time for him to prove he has what it takes to really save the world from... itself more than anything.

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    Betsy DeVos

    Betsy DeVos
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    There’s an entire generation that will claim they learned more from Bill Nye than their own schooling, and they’re probably right. The American education system is definitely not the best in the world, and that’s only going to get worse now that Trump has selected Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. The dangerously underqualified DeVos raised a number of ethical and moral concerns with her appointment, but most importantly she has been an avid and long-time opponent of public education and proponent of private education. Under her watch, American schooling will undoubtedly dip in quality, so somebody needs to teach (the majority) of kids who won't have the free choice to go to the best, priciest schools!

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    Bill Nye always said, “Science rules,” but these days there’s something completely different ruling America. Donald Trump is in the White House, and that’s bad news for science guys and gals across the continent. Never has a more anti-scientific President sat in the Oval Office, and the smartest people in the country are already gearing up for a fight. What better time for Earth’s undisputed Scientist Supreme to get back on the air? There are few better candidates than Bill Nye to battle against this specific aspect of Trump’s administration.

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    The Rest Of Trump's Cabinet

    Aside from Trump himself and some of his more controversial cabinet members, like Betsy DeVos, the entire new administration is full of potentially nasty individuals who could single-handedly bring Bill Nye out of retirement. There’s Steve Bannon, the shadowy figure behind the President who made his name spreading misinformation on Breitbart. There’s Rick Perry, the severely anti-learning Texan who is now the Secretary of Energy for no apparent reason. Everywhere one looks, there appears to be a new anti-science Trump appointee popping up who seems to be an opponent of free and measured thought, so somebody needs to stand against them. And Bill's just the man for the job.

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    Climate Change Is Still Being Denied

    Climate Change Is Still Being Denied
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    Bill Nye was warning us all about the dangers of climate change decades ago. In fact, there’s a good chance that most North Americans first learned of the issue on his show during their developmental years. Despite this head start on figuring things out, climate change remains a hotly-debated topic in American culture. There are literally mountains of evidence supporting the scientific consensus that climate change is real and human-caused, but somehow the debate is being treated like it is truly two-sided. Who better than Bill Nye to finally set things straight on an issue he's been sure of for years?

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    His Message Can Be More Easily Spread Today

    His Message Can Be More Easily Spread Today
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    The gospel of Bill Nye used to be spread entirely by word of mouth. Excited youngsters would watch his show and then excitedly discuss what they learned on the playground with their friends. In this way, lessons about dinosaurs, meteorites, and the water cycle were passed from young mind to young mind. However, in 2017, Nye’s statements on science can be transferred from person to person via a much more effective method: social media. Whenever Nye makes a great argument on his new show, you can be sure that it will be instantly transformed into an image macro and passed around on all manner of website. The message will spread like never before.

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    Critical Thinking Has Gone Out The Window

    Critical Thinking Has Gone Out The Window
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    Many who oppose Donald Trump have been left wondering exactly what they can do to make a difference. There are countless options out there, but the most frequently-encouraged method of resistance has to be thinking for one’s self. The art of critical thinking seems to be rapidly disappearing in modern American society, which makes it all the more simple for the government and media to feed people whatever storylines they choose. People need to know how to think for themselves in order to protect their minds and resist the agendas of those who don’t have their best interests at heart.

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