9 Reasons You'll Never Win McDonald's Monopoly

Each and every year McDonald's rolls out its McDonald's Monopoly game. The promotion always comes with a heavy advertising blitz telling people Monopoly at McDonald's is back and better than ever. As a result, millions of Americans hit the fast food chain hoping to be the lucky winner of the $1 million grand prize.

The question is, though, can you really win the McDonald's Monopoly game? After all, they say that anything that seems too good to be true usually is, and the ability to take home cash, vacations, or a new car simply by eating a Big Mac or a McRib seems way too good to be true. That's why this list looks a little deeper and uncovers that the most famous McDonald's promotion out there is nearly impossible to win.

So, is McDonald's Monopoly a scam? How is it a scam? Are you going to be a millionaire? Read on and find out!