zombies 8 Reasons Why You Have No Chance Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse  

L Zane Pinnock
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Picture if you will, the zombie apocalypse. Shambling, shuffling, dead things… coming to eat your face. The image of your sweet grandma and the flashbacks of her warm embrace are now superimposed on the lens of your imagination, as she mindlessly rips you open and devours your innards. A lot of us have wondered at least once how we would fare during a zombie apocalypse, but the answer is pretty simple - most of us probably wouldn't even last a week.

Pop culture’s fascination with reanimated human corpses gives us a glimpse of life after a zombie outbreak, and it ain’t pretty. Cannibalism, juvenile executions, and rogue baseball bat murders appear to be par for the course after the dead rise to walk the Earth. Here are 8 reasons you won’t survive a zombie apocalypse, all of which actually have nothing to do with zombies eating you. No matter how many times you've fantasized about being Daryl Dixon, it just wouldn't play out like you think it would.

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Scarcity of Resources

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Our technological ability to procure almost anything with a few mouse clicks or a short drive masks the fact that without certain essentials, we would die within two weeks at the absolute outside. We’ve all seen what happens to our supplies of bread, milk, and eggs anytime a halfway decent storm comes blowing in. If supply lines fail, resources vanish so quickly that people simply won't be able to get anything without paying through the nose or even with their lives. Without a food reserve of at least three months, and a way to defend it, chances of survival for the average person attempting to hunker down in a populated area are slim to none.

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Lack of Medical Help and Sanitation

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For people needing dialysis, insulin or any number of similar afflictions, help is a very long time coming. Hospitals will be swamped in the event of a society breaking catastrophe, and medical supplies will be scarce. Approximately 1,800 people have heart attacks in the U.S every day, and the odds of them getting the care necessary either during cardiac arrest or immediately after during a zombie apocalypse would be practically zero.

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Risk of Infection

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Roughly one hundred years ago during the Flu Epidemic of 1918, 500 million people were infected, and between 50 and 100 million died. The virus responsible is a variant on the avian flu virus, one that not only still exists, but has been bio-engineered to be airborne. SARS was a far deadlier pathogen, and could have resulted in a death toll far higher. For someone who came in contact with infected people, waste or surfaces, the risk of infection for a virus that could cause zombie infection would likely linger for a decidedly longer period than either SARS or H5N1 (Avian flu). This could lead to infection even if one survived the initial outbreak.

In addition, communicability would cause the virus to overwhelm containment efforts, and high population centers, like New York and Los Angeles could conceivably fall in a day or less, with the rest of the country following suit in short order.

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Lack of Survival Skills

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Most people in today’s metropolitan society wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to survive without the amenities provided by a thriving civilization. Without knowledge of how to hunt, clean, and cultivate your own food; how to build fires to cook it; and how to make structures for shelter, most survivors of an initial event that disrupts modern societal convenience can expect a slow death by starvation - even if they do manage to make it out of populated areas.