Facts About Being Wiccan That Will Actually Make You Want to Convert

Witches are real - and they're actually a lot more interesting than the black-cats-and-broomsticks legends we see in TV and movies. There are dozens of forms of paganism still practiced today, and witchcraft is found around the world.

Many witches you encounter in modern life are practitioners of Wicca, a pagan religion founded in the 1950s and based on ancient European paganism. Though paganism goes back to the dawn of human history, the Wiccan faith has revived and updated ancient practices for use in the present day.

With all the stereotypes out there, you might be surprised to learn about a real witch's approach to nature and spirituality, and the role that witches have played throughout history. Here are some of the strange and beautiful traditions of the Wiccan religion, and witchcraft in general.