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The Best Wii Characters

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Out of all the strange ways Nintendo has tried to pull away from the pack of "hardcore" gaming, most tend to agree that the Wii was probably the riskiest move the company's ever taken. Targeting a broader range of gamers than the 360 or Playstation 3, it outsold either console by a wide margin -- so they were definitely onto something. But really, the biggest risk was simple -- the Wii Remote. A pointing device as well as a controller that can be be detected in three dimensions, it changed the very action of playing games. 

And it certainly is popular. With this list, we're looking at all of the characters we know and love in their Wii form! Whether continuing the adventures of video game characters you've come to know as an old friend, or seeing new and interesting attempts to change the very nature of some characters you thought were completely unchangeable, the Wii has provided a lot of opportunities to take creative turns on old favorites!

So take a look at our list of what we think are the best Wii characters, and vote for your favorites. Do you like how Epic Mickey played with the character? Who was your favorite Super Smash Bros. Brawl character? Vote, rerank it all here, and then check out our other console gaming lists to see what other systems you like!