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25 Utterly Baffling WikiHow Illustrations

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WikiHow is one of the more noble websites out there - all it does is seek to help people with an impressively far-reaching scope of ultra-specific problems and situations. A lot of these problems are too embarrassing to actually ask someone for help, so WikiHow is always there for you.

Unfortunately, many of the illustrations that accompany its helpful articles are anything but: they're bafflingly surreal, poorly drawn, confusing as hell, and above all, absolutely hilarious. Due to WikiHow's open-ended submission process, anyone can write an article, and anyone can upload their own illustrations. The result? Some of the Internet's finest, weirdest, and flat-out funniest drawings.

Upvote the funniest and most baffling WikiHow pictures and illustrations below, and maybe learn something about what hockey has to do with being a good friend in the process.
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    Slobber Over an Ice Cube with Your Lover

    If anyone has actually shared an ice cube with their partner as they made out, please let me know what it felt like, because that looks absolutely terrifying. It looks like they're Homer Simpson-level drooling all over one another, and there's a certain point where a wet kiss goes from hot, to actually needing a bath towel to clean up. 

    WikiHow: "How to Spice Up Kissing"
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    Time to Make a Lizard-Rat Hybrid Creature from Hell

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    The explanation for this image might be more baffling than any jokey explanation we could come up with: apparently you're supposed to rub a live lizard all over a dead mouse in order to get your pet snake to eat the dead mouse, since it's covered in the lizard's delicious scent. 

    Long story short: don't own a pet snake. 

    WikiHow: "How to Feed a Snake"
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    Nope, That's Not Poop

    Photo: flickr / CC0

    This illustration is for the article "How to Help a Cat Give Birth," but the actual step that this drawing is demonstrating is "Wash Your Hands." The step makes no reference to the birth actually starting, and it's unclear why there's a giant red arrow pointing to what we can only assume is the top of the newborn kitten's head. We would have probably noticed it anyway.

    But then again, since it isn't labeled, and it really doesn't look like any part of a newborn kitten, it's entirely possible that someone drew a picture of a cat pooping for no reason, put it into this article without context, and nobody noticed. Kudos, mystery illustrator.
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    This Kitten Has the Lumpiest Ass I've Ever Seen

    I don't think this illustrator has ever actually seen a cat before. What is up with that thing's body? 

    WikiHow: How to Shampoo a Kitten for Fleas
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