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Which Wild Animal Are You Most Like, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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The archetypal symbols of the zodiac are an in-depth way for people to describe themselves and better understand their own characteristics. But these traits can be combined with other personality interpretations, such as those corresponding to animals in the wild, for each zodiac sign, leading to a deeper appreciation for the traits that make people who they are. It's more than just fun to extrapolate from the accepted traits for each zodiac sign — by interpreting them on multiple levels, fans of astrology can learn even more about themselves.

According to your zodiac, which wild animal are you? Even when working with established character traits like those in the zodiac, there's always room for more interpretation. Pairing zodiac signs with different animals isn't an exact science, but if someone wants to channel their wild animal natures, this might be a good place to start.

  • The natural association with Aries is the ram — they're known for being headstrong and courageous, sometimes rushing into things before they've really thought them through. But those traits in wild animals correspond quite neatly with the cheetah, the world's fastest land animal. Like a cheetah, an Aries is a go-getter. They don't stand around waiting; they rush into things, even if they're being impulsive. But they're not known for their failures, because Aries fights for their goals. The cheetah is so interesting to us not because it can run fast, but because it can run really fast and be an incredibly successful hunter, just as an Aries' impatience and determination mean they get their way.

  • Sure, Taurus is associated with the bull, but there are other animals to connect this patient but uncompromising member of the zodiac. While 'sloth' might sound like an insult, these adorable creatures are some of the most deliberate in the animal kingdom. They might be slow, but that slowness corresponds with Taurus's patience and stability. Like a sloth, everything a Taurus does is done with intention; they are grounded and practical, dedicated in their work, and committed in relationships. Tauruses also sometimes have a predilection to gardening — something that suits their slower-paced but dedicated natures, which is a neat connection with the sloth's symbiotic algae, which helps it camouflage in nature.

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    Gemini is signified by the twins, reflecting their caring and gentle natures as well as their desire for social interaction. That's why this zodiac sign is best matched with the meerkat, very social animals known for living in close-knit communities. Meerkats, like Geminis, are not really fighters; their tendency toward nervousness means they’re more likely to retreat from conflict than reach out and bite. Both Geminis and meerkats are known for being fun-loving and sociable, despite potentially being fearful — it’s all about balance, in this sign.

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    Cancer, the crab, is known for being mysterious and sometimes distant, but emotional and sympathetic at heart. That relates them not just to the crane, the sign’s namesake, but to wolves, as well. Cancers are a moon sign, connecting them to the symbol we most often associate with wolves and their mysterious natures. While wolves might be fearsome to humans, they’re social among their kind. Their relationships are important and deep, not fleeting; though they might be hard to get to know, their loyalty is astounding. Wolves, like Cancers, are quick to stick up for their own, even if it means putting themselves on the line.